Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day Celebration 2012

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On Independence Day, my family and I decided to go to the Kaufman's 4th of July parade and family fun instead of going to church ward breakfast and children's parade. We chose to attend the first one because of the time and the many things we would enjoy as family. First of all the church thing was scheduled earlier than the city parade. And the city offered more than parade, it also offers bouncy houses, pony rides, rock climbing, games, and being able to go picnicking.

We had so much fun as family, and individual as well. After Jacob rock climbing, he jumped on the obstacles course bouncy houses and played some games where he won a prize. I got a free fan, and free watermelons and cold water bottles :-). Before we left the park, my boys got to read their favorite books while I sat and relax watching them and other people who still enjoy the activities at the park. It was a nice celebration of Independence Day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Like Father, Like Son!

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My son's first hero is indeed his father. As you an see in these photos, he likes to do what his Dad is doing. He follows him wherever he goes, whatever he does. He looks forward when Daddy gets home from work. When Daddy is our of his sight, he would go looking for him (in the garage, yard, even in the bathroom, lol.

Shooting BB gun.
Reading fave books.
Swimming together.

He even watches Dad's fave tv shows ( Star Trek Enterprise and The Andy Griffith show). He is indeed his father's son :-).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jacob's Notice for Mom and Dad

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Every time my son did something he knew he wasn't supposed to do, one of his privileges will be taken away from him unless he proved himself that he is worthy to get it back. He knew better but sometimes he kept doing the same mistake over and over again. And so, when I get fed up, this is what happens. He thought he would get what he wants by writing a letter or notice for us. Nope, he was wrong, lol.

Anyway, this was the letter I've found on his bedroom door. It made me and my husband laugh silently. He did a pretty good job writing this note if you may say, except for one misspelled word 'privilege.'

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