Friday, March 26, 2010

What Kind of Parent Are You?

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This new ABC's show called Modern Family is absolutely hilarious; after you watched this short video you would laugh out loud like I did.

Come on...laugh with me :-)...Have a Great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy Moments: Is It Summer Yet?

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mommy moments

Since it is not summer here yet, I don't have any pictures yet; instead I have posted the summer we had last year back at Virginia Beach, VA where we had so much fun!

Last visit to the beach before we left for Texas...

...very nice castle :-)

With his cousin, Cody at a community swimming pool.

Just me at Virginia Beach before wetting myself swim...

and here is Jake and Daddy at Cape Hatteras Island...

Indoor swimming pool in the hotel where we stayed for three days...

They love to wade and play on the beach no matter how chilly it was outside...

...preparing to make a castle.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy Moments: Field Trip

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Here is my entry for this week's Mommy Moments hosted by Chris of Mommy Journey. Visit her blog or click the badge below for more great entries :-)!

mommy moments

My son (Jacob) has been to many field trips since he started going to school, from Pre-K back in Virginia to Kindergarten in Texas, but I only have one field trip with pictures because teachers seldom invite parents to attend unless you are a chaperon. Here in Texas we are not allowed to take pictures with other children because some parents don't want their kids to be taken picture with, and so I don't have any, plus most of the field trips have been canceled or rescheduled due to bad weather. Anyway, here is my son's field trip back in VA. We went to Children's Museum at Downtown Richmond.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy Moments: Driving with Jake

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mommy moments

Before I posted my entry, I have to check first at Chris blog to find out what the theme would be for this week. So, it is about kids and cars. I scheduled the entry to be posted on Friday because we are going to be out of town for spring break vacation...I may not have time to do some here it is!

On the way to his grandparents house; he was two year old and watching his fave show on dvd...

at the mall during one of those weekends...

helping Daddy scrape the snow out of the van...

after the van, they went and clean the other car, too...

bonding time in one of the playground back in VA.

Everyday, he is excited to ride the bus on the way to school...

see how happy he was?

Taken in one of the Butterfly fair in North Carolina; and yes, that was a Herby look alike car...(he posed like Fernando Poe Jr...don't you think?)

No idea where we went this time...just can't remember, lol!

Now that he is almost six year old, even a short drive sometimes can be tiring for him; he whines a lot and drives me nuts! He would always says: This long drive is giving me stomach ache, which is just his alibis so we would go home so he could watch t.v.; but as always this doesn't work to me. Will be posting his toy cars later :-).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy House Hunting

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I know I haven't been visiting and dropping EC lately with your blogs, my friends. We have been busy searching for house to be purchased before the $8,000.00 tax credit thing expires which would be at the end of April 2010 on top of our lease that is due this June. We are looking in Mesquite, Plano and Richardson areas. So far, we found the one we liked last week in Mesquite area and made an offer, but unfortunately, the seller got mad at the real estate agent who is working with us. She said that the offer is too low. This woman who pretended to know a lot about real estate doesn't really know what she was talking about. She should accepted our offer because our offer was more than the price of the houses selling in that particular area. Yeah, she made an extensive renovation in that house and because of that, she wants the exact price listed on the market for that house. The real estate agent and us agreed that this woman is crazy! No matter how much updates she did in that house....doesn't really matter. The selling price of the houses in the area is what matter's most... and not the renovation made. We knew it based from our own experienced before when we sold our house a couple of years ago. She actually didn't reject our offer, but gave us a chance to make another offer which we refused to do. She can keep that house to herself for nobody will buys it...for sure unless she is willing to negotiate the price with the prospective buyer.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mommy Moments: First Aid Kit/Tips

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mommy moments

As Chris said, this week theme for Mommy Moments is about First Aid/Tips. It is my pleasure to share with you, guys the important things we carry for Jacob anywhere/everywhere we go...aside from Kiss and the First Aid Kit (at home and in the car).

Alcohol Prep: for cleaning the affected area where cuts, wounds and etc...are
Neosporin: antibiotic ointment for minor scrapes, wound and cuts
Adhesive Bandage: is place after applying the antibiotic ointment/cream
Digital Thermometer: to check body temperature
Ibuprofen: fever reducer
Decongestant Plus Cough: of course, for cough and colds
Sun Block: to protect his skin from sun burn
EpiPen: Jacob is allergic to peanuts and foods with or containing peanuts
Laxative (stool softener): for when he is constipated
Honey: for colds and coughs (if your kids don't like the taste of cough medicine)
Zyrtec: for seasonal allergy
Vitamins: Iron supplement and multivitamins

Note: we don't give him antibiotic even the one prescribed by his pediatrician because we don't want him to get used or become dependent on it.

And last but not the least:Teddy :-): for he wouldn't/couldn't sleep without it!

For more tips and first aid kits. click the badge above :-)...Happy Moments, to you all...and thanks for the visits/comments :-).


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