Thursday, April 28, 2011

MM: Black and White

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Oh well, for some reason I don't have pictures of Jacob with black and white toys and so I just want to share these photos of us wearing black and white :-). My share for Mommy Moments this week.

Back in VA when he tried his new Formal/Sundays best attire.
This is taken back to TX before church :-)
And of course, our wedding day :-); Matt and I are still both slim here.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

MM: Rainbow Color

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During the Texas State Fair, there was a parade before they close the fair for the night. We happened to be there at night and able to witnessed it. It was very colorful and magical! We loved it! Here is my share for 'rainbow color' theme for this week on Mommy Moments!

Flowers and butterflies....aren't they pretty?

Jake...wasn't looking for he is busy watching the parade.

And finally, Jake on the race car ride! He had a blast!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jake and The Easter Egg Hunting

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This morning, my friend and I together with our boys woke up early today to go to the Easter Egg Hunting here in Heartland community. We went there early because we don't want to be late during the registration. The registration starts at 9am, but the actual games and activities didn't start till 10am, so the boys (Jacob and Aaron) had the chance of playing before the egg hunting begins. They had fun running around chasing each other together with their friends and classmates. They even rolled down the hill! Around 10:15am, the face painter lady arrived and started painting kids faces; good thing we were the fourth on the line. Jake had an Easter egg painted on his face while Aaron had a baseball and cap...they look so cute! After that, they join the games where they did the bear walk, walking backwards, and other. We were surprised they didn't have many games this year. Anyway, the egg hunting begins at 11:35am...and they had a blast though they didn't find the golden egg :-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jake and His Grandparents

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Well, it has been a busy week for us. My in-laws were here visiting us for four days. Prior to that, I was in so much stress. With all the things going on, it was so hard to clean the house and plan meals that they will love. Yup, they are one of those people who are not a fan of Asian foods, and so I can not cook Filipino or Chinese foods for that matter. Good thing I was able to served them foods that they love like the brussel sprout which my father in-law favorite and some collard greens that they craved. My mother in-law on the other hand loved the braised beef I made; she even asked for a recipe! Indeed, I made their stay enjoyable. I love to see my MIL read to Jacob and my FIL plays with Jacob. It was a treat for Jacob when they come visit us....for he misses them so much! This summer, Jacob will have a chance of visiting my parents and I am so excited. I couldn't wait till it's June so we can fly back to my native land.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MM: Birthday Photos

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This was Jacob's birthday party at home with friends last year. In three months time, he will be celebrating his 7th birthday. It would be different this time for he will have it celebrates three times; in the Philippines, since we will be there in July, here in Texas with friends, and in New Mexico together with my in-laws. It will be a blast! I am excited myself though it isn't my birthday, lol! I guessed am excited for him.

The spiderman cake...
opening of gifts....
and the pinata!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

MM: Our Summer Plans

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Summer here in United States doesn't start till June. So we still have two more months to enjoy the spring and Jacob's school. We are excited for his upcoming activities: the field day and the musical show. Anyway, since this week is all about plans for the summer, we have plenty of things to do this coming summer. First of all, our trip to the Philippines! It is exciting because for the first time, hubby is going to meet my family; second, we plan on going to the Hundred Islands, Subic, Batangas, Tagaytay. There will be some swimming, sight seeing, visiting friends and relatives, and who knows what else will happen. Though Jacob will be off to school for two months, we still plan on spending at least an hour or two everyday doing some review and preparation for 2nd grade. I bought a book review for first and second grader respectively, and those will help my son not able to forget what he learned and will be learning this year.

What about you? Any plans with your family this summer? Join us by clicking the button above and share yours with us! And by the way, thanks for stopping by and leaving you sweet comments here :-)!

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