Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheap Designer Clothings

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I am a person who loves to shop, and you can see that by just looking in my closet. You can find in there shoes, purses and clothes. I remember when I was still single, my grandmother used to get mad at me because I shop a lot instead of putting my money in the bank. She used to say “when you got nothing to eat, maybe your clothes will feed you.” Anyway, since I got married, I only shop when there is a clearance sale at the mall. I not only buy things or clothes for myself, but for my husband and son as well.

Then one day, while surfing the net, I came across Heavenly Couture. They specialize in offering highest quality designer clothing for juniors and as women as well. And if you are looking for Cheap Jeans, they are on sale now for only $13.80. They also have a daily special for only $9.99 not to mention that everything is 17.95 or less. You can save up to 85% and when you buy or order online worth $75.00 or more, they will ship it for free. I need Teen clothes for my nieces to send to the Philippines, am glad these site sells Discount Clothes for everyone. If you are like me, go online now and save more from buying designer cheap clothes.

Name Tag

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Would like to thank Race for this cool tag. Just want to share with friends why we chose the names of our here they are:

OUR KID’S NAMES: List all of your kids’ names, or even just one. It's up to you. Write down the story or the reason why you chose it. If you’re expecting or planning to have more kids and already have a name for them …. list them down too.

We chose RUTH for our first born child. She was stillborn, we named her after Ruth in the Bible from the Old Testament.

Our second child is JACOB. We named him after the prophet in the Book of Motmon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ.


I am now passing it to my friends: Juliet, Umma, Maybel, Rose of O and B and Lou.

Personal Loans

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I have a friend who has been financially hurting because of her recent divorce with her husband of 10 years. She has a bad credit and couldn’t get a Personal Loans due to bad money management by her ex-husband. With two kids to support, she really needed help to sustain them. She tried to get a personal loan, but was turned down. I told her about personal loans who specializes on bad credit personal loan. They have partnered with a lot of lenders in order to provide help to people with bad credit. It is fast and easy to apply; all you have to do is go online and apply to get approved in just a minute or two, without waiting.

For those who are still single...lessons in hope!

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"Our purposes in mortality are to learn through our experiences, whatever they may be, to choose good over evil and to become more like our Father in Heaven. Being single longer than we plan to be can help us accomplish these goals if we allow the Lord to work with us through our trials." ~~ Ensign Magazine, August 2008~~

Auto Loans

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It is very hard not to have a car for it is a necessity in life especially if you live here in America. Car can take you anywhere you wanted or needed to go. If you don’t have a car or saving to buy one, it can be very tough. Well, worry no more, for there is a place where you can get an Auto Loans. With apex auto loan, you can get approved in less than two minutes; no matter how bad you credit is, getting approved is never been easier, faster and free with no obligations on your part. With their extensive nationwide network of auto financing specialists, you can easily get approved for auto loan financing, even if your credit is not perfect. You can get new or used cars which are available in all models and makes. At apex auto loans, they will offer you the lowest possible auto financing rates you will never find in the market today. What are you waiting for? Go online and get approved now!

Quotable Quotes

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"One must not lose desires. They are mighty stimulants to creativeness, to love and to long life." ~~Alexader A.Bogomoletz~~

"Most of the people who will walk after me will be children, so make the beatkeep time with short steps." ~~Hans Christian Anderson~~

"Self-help must precede help from others. Even for making certain of help from heaven, one has to help oneself." ~~Morarji Desai~~

Getting loans, never been easier!

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It is very hard to get any loan nowadays, especially this time where the economy is very tough. For an average person, getting an Auto Loans, home loan and even Personal Loans is on hold because of bad credit. If you happened to be one of those who have bad credit then you need a program that specializes with Bad Credit Loan. They will help you obtain a loan quicker, easier regardless of how bad your credit is. Whatever loan you needed you will get approval without any fee and without even leaving your home. Just go online and apply for free online approval. Or if you only need cash loan while you wait till the payday comes, you can get it is fast and easy, too. You can be approved for a fast payday loans in no time. What are you waiting for? Go online and get approval.

Thanks a lot, Google!

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It was so nice of the google to raise my page rank from 0 to 1. Thank you so much, really glad for this. I just hope I can make it climb upper.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

California Beach Cruiser Bikes

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My family loves outdoor activities very much. We do everything you can think about; from camping, hiking, fishing and bike riding especially on the beach. I never know that you can ride your bike on the beach till I got here in the U.S. Before my husband and I got married, we have our first beach vacation together in California; where we spent most of our day on the beach swimming and riding bikes. He bought me my very first beach cruisers at And I really like it. At Cruiser, they not only sell beach bikes, but also scooters, bike racks, folding bicycles, kids cruisers and parts and accessories. I can’t wait till my son is old enough to ride his own bike so I can buy him his own beach cruiser.

A sincere thanks from me.... to You!

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This post is exclusively dedicated to all who visited,
dropped ec and left comments/messages on my blog,
when I was away for a reunion in North Carolina.
I really appreciate your friendship and kindness.
I want you all to know that they
will never go unnoticed and forgotten.
I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart!
Once again, thanks a lot!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

DYMO Labelmaker, makes life easier!

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I grew up watching my mother organize everything in our house in order. She put label in almost everything, from our clothes, school supplies, shoes and books every time the school starts. She has a little retail store back then and used the same technique in organizing stuff at her store by putting label in can goods, laundry soap, shampoo and condiments. That’s how I learned to be organized myself.

Now that I am married with kid, who started going to school three weeks ago, I am doing the same thing my mother did long time ago, only this time I am using
DYMO Labelmaker. It is a modern technique to organize things. I use it in labeling his clothes, blanket and pillow (he brings to school for nap time), books, school supplies and even his toys. That way, his teacher and I can keep track of his belonging in case he lost something.

Dymo Label maker can be used by my husband on labeling tools in his garage, all spices in our pantry, groceries in the foods storage and even in our home office, by labeling file folders and office supplies. If you are looking for something that can help you in organizing things in your house, Dymo Label maker is the answer in all your organizing needs.

Fast recovery of my mother...

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I am glad that my mother is doing better now. As I mentioned in my last post about her; she had a mild stroke and Thank God the doctor was able to help her stabilize her blood pressure. Last time we talked over the phone, she sounded happy and feeling much better. She said she is eating a lot now as well as watching her diet. With my brothers and father's helped my mother is getting better and better everyday. I am thankful that for God's love towards us and for the answered prayers.

Sports in Your Life

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Even though I don’t play golf, it is still one my favorite game to watch on the television. I don’t know why, but ever since I got here in the United States, golf is the only game I think I would like to play because I think it would be easy for me once I started playing and practicing, plus it doesn’t require body contact at all, meaning the safest game not to mention that you earn a lot by just playing while enjoying it at the same time. Tiger Woods has became my favorite player; win or lose I still like him and love the way he plays. I am an avid fan of him, I’ll say. I follow his career so much by watching sports videos, displays sports clips in our game room and even watch online sports videos when I missed it on T.V. or sometimes asks my husband to record the game for me when I won’t be able to watch it. Tiger and his father have proven to the world that no matter what race, color or nationality you are, you have power to suceed just like Tiger Woods himself; you just need determination, courage, perseverance, patience and by following the footsteps of your father, mentor and friend and most of all, hi faith in God.

Tiger Woods - Click here for more sports videos
I encourage everyone to go to
SportsVids and upload a video that has memorable impact in your life, be it during your first homerun when you were a child or a last Cal Ripken Jr.’s game at Yankee Stadium.

Jake's coughing is back...

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My son is coughing again today; we just don't know anymore what is going on. He was absent at school two weeks ago due to strep throat and the doctor prescribed him antibiotic and he felt better. Now that his coughing is back, we are not sure if this still an allergy for he is taking medicine, but it doesn't seem to be working. His coughing keeps him awake at night. We are worried that we are going to see a doctor tomorrow for a second opinion since his pediatrician didn't want him to new allergy medicine. I just wished I could take that cough out and instead of him suffering, it would be me. I just gave him cough medicine just 10 minutes ago, and he is sleeping now. I hope he will feel better soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Home Away from Home Alabama!

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My family and I love outdoors. We love going to the beach, particularly near the gulf shore and like white sand so much. It has been seven years since our last vacation near the shore. I still remember how expensive it was that time to rent a hotel. And now I worry that we will be burned out with the price of the hotel nowadays especially within the gulf- shore. Since we live close to Alabama, we would like to go to the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama. So I started searching on the internet to see if I can find a gulf shores condo rentals that is very affordable.
Then I found Vacation Rental by Owner or VRBO; they have the most and best vacation rentals you would ever imagine. They are everywhere, both overseas and here in the U.S. And they are very affordable, spacious and flexible with kitchen facility and contain many personal & convenience items you need.
There are at least three options you can choose from, depending on your family needs. These are the choices: Vacation rental homes (the one I prefer to rent), private homes and private vacation rental homes. If you choose vacation rental homes, these are the prices, number of bedrooms and how many people can sleep. Birmingham Vacation Rentals has 4BR+/3BA (Sleeps 8-10) for $3500-$5000/wk; Birmingham New 2 BR Town Home Upscale Location offers golf weekend discount and Birmingham Brand New Ross Bridge Robert Trent Jones Golf Townhouse with 3BR+/2.5BA (Sleeps 6) from $225/nt - $1050/wk - $2000/mo. Whether you choose condo, cottage or beach house, Vacation Rentals by Owner has it. Visit their website now for more options and information.

I love shopping...

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I say I am a shopaholic person; why? I tell you why. I got upset with my husband the other day. And for me to cool down and avoid saying something that I will regret later, instead of talking with him, I went to the mall and shop. You wouldn't believe how much I spent. It wasn't right, but it made me feel better and forgave him for what he did. Well, didn't only shop for myself, but for him and our son, too. I bought myself a purse with matching wallet, a denim Capri short and a blouse. I got him three t- shirts and our son, a denim pants and long sleeve layered shirt. Now, do you agree with me or not?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Banzai Game

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My husband and I both love playing games, from typical board games, electronic to DVD games. We even bought ourselves xbox when it was so popular. Still plays that games everyonce in a while. Anyway, we saw this new game called Banzai . Oh man, it was very funny or should I say, very hilarious.

Banzai is not only a family game, but also good to be used in a party or reunion game. It comes in a box where everyting is in there. The goal for this game is to win all the sushi, whoever gets more sushi, then she/he the winner at the end of the game. Sorry the sushi is not a real one, so you can not eat it.At the beginning of the game, each player will have 25 sushi that are color coded with matching match sushi bowl and pair of chopsticks. The person in-charge on the DVD remote control, who by the way called Shogun is going to show a stunt of some kind. Then, players have only 15 seconds to use the chopsticks and race to place the sushis in to the betting bowl. Then when the sounds Gong starts, that means the game is over. and if all your answers are correct you will have all the sushi in the betting bowl. Very simple if you are very good in using chopsticks… all there is to the game is: to watch the stunt, bet on the outcome and win.

Banzai, a family game everyone will enjoy, and the game is available for purchase by downloading it online or it is also available at My Space Page. To learn more on how to play the game, just watch the video here.

Autumn, leaves falling, bright colors everywhere...

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I love Fall season, loves those leaves changing colors and falling on the ground! The weather during this time is windy and a little bit chill; but that's fine. It is going to be different this year for us, because we are going to Shenandoah Valley to see the beautiful scenery, am so excited!

Monday, September 22, 2008

So much thankful...

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To All those who sent wishes on our anniversary, thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. Glad to have found such FRIENDS like You All!

Las Vegas Golf Courses

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My Aunt is a golf player whom I can say is addicted to playing almost every day. I went with her one time and she was really a good player and she told me about the golf courses she has been to in Las vegas,Nevada, particularly the Las Vegas Golf . Desert Pines Golf Club was one of the golf courses she said she likes the most because it is conveniently accessible and is only 10 minutes away from downtown and the price is very reasonable plus; the view is spectacular because of the pine trees around it. It is climate-controlled practice facility, and is the only one in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Golf Digest has recognized Desert Pines as one of the best new upscale courses in the country. There are two more golf courses she said she likes to play in to and these are Bali Hai Golf Club and Desert Pines Golf Club. I would recommend everyone out there who loves to play golf in Las Vegas to visit their website for more information.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Contagious Smile

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Maicel gave me this sweet and contagious smile of hers. Thanks a lot for smiling at me; here smiling back at you!

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.
Toss this smile along to your friends
who brightened up your day or
those whose days you want to brighten up.
Smile!Each day is a wonderful reason to celebrate!

Now I am smiling with all my bloggers friends who have been very sweet and kind :-)...Spread this contagious smile to everyone you see, for smile brightens up everybody life!

Visit with my in-laws in Durham, NC

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We went to visit my in-laws in Durham yesterday, who flew all the way from New Mexico just to see us and their grandkids. They are at my brother in-laws house today and will be driving from there to Virginia to stay with us for a couple of days or so. Anyway, we have so much fun there; we took the kids to "BugFest", an annual fair in Raleigh, NC. It was so much fun seeing Cody and Jacob interact with each other. They love each other so much to the point that they wouldn't let go of each other. They were holding hands like a couple. Played together the whole time and didn't even care the bugs’ fest and how much fun to see them, all they care about were each other. They love playgrounds and inflatable slide and stuffs like that, but boy; they didn't really even care about it at all. We were for happy watching them playing together and talking, funny and so hilarious. Anyway, while talking to my mother in-law before going back home last night, she confirmed our anniversary and asked: tomorrow is your 7th year anniversary, right? I said yup...ahh, 6th, then got to thinking about it and started counting, then I didn't realized that it is actually 7th year and not 6th, just like I have written here the other night. Am I terrible or what, forgetting the exact years of our anniversary. We were all laughing, it was good my husband wasn't there :-) or else he would tease me to death!!! We all enjoyed our dinner at a Seafood Restaurant, where I ordered grilled trout, yummy! I will add pictures of our trip to the bug fest tomorrow...see you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another one of those busy days...

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I have been busy today trying to get things done in the house before my in-laws visit from New Mexico this weekend. I have cleaned almost everything in the house except laundry, tub cleaning and changing the beddings in the guest room. I am glad becuase I was able to do my blogging despite of that. I was so busy that I even forgot to make dinner, so once again we ended up dining out. This thing needs to be stopped or we will be broke sooner or later. It becomes a habit now that we can not resist eating out despite of the fact that there are lots of veggies and seafoods in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked. Anyway, this Sunday, we will be celebrating our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary; I can not believe we made it this far, still together and growing strong.....and still very much in-love with each other despite the many ups and downs in our married life.......HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Pumpkin :-)!

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I Love You and Will Always Will....

Boost the growth of your business!

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My Aunt has started a child care business several months ago and so far the business is doing well as planned. Her business now needed a website to help grows, then told her about this website I came across the internet that specializes in helping small business web hosting. Concentric is a leading provider of shared web hosting for small businesses offers a lot of services specifically towards small and growing business who needed website to boost its growth. When you open an account with them, you will get these features such as domain name registration, email hosting, web hosting, and freebies like spam filters and virus protection. And if you sign up for a year, you will only pay $9.95 per month. Use their service now and start reaping the rewards the Concentric Business Solutions has to offer in your business needs.

Friendship Tag

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Richelle is very nice to give me this tag. Thank you, Dear!

We need Friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need Friends to give us good advice,
we need someone we can count on, and treat us nice.
We need Friends to remember us
once we have passed sharing memories that will always last.
Spread the Poem of Friendship.

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Now, I am tagging everyone who are on my blogger's lists.

High Quality Wholesale Beads

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I like to dress up when I go to a special occasion like weddings, church and formal parties at my husband’s work. Jewelry is part of it, for I am not completely dress up without it. I love jewelry made of beads and pearls especially when it is made of freshwater pearls. Bead of offers a wide variety of freshwater pearls that are natural and inexpensive. They have huge selections to choose from that suit your every needs. They come in different colors and shapes. Generally, pearls assume the color of the shell in which they form. The fact that Beads of Cambay, is one of the top wholesale bead suppliers of high quality gemstone beads and freshwater pearls, I say, that’s one thing to consider when buying jewelry made of gemstone beads and freshwater pearls.

If you own a business, and you want to buy wholesale, at, you can do that also. Right now, they have will give you a 30% discounts when you buy
wholesale gemstone beads and freshwater pearls. So take advantage of this offer while it lasts by going to their website and sign up for exclusive savings, and if you are a regular costumer, they offer weekly or monthly rewards for being a loyal costumer to them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Never a Better Hero

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This video was created by a member of the Church where I belong to; and everytime I hear the song I can not help but cry. I can't imagine how much Jesus suffered for our sins, so that we can live again and go back to Father in Heaven someday. He truly is my "HERO."

Effective Method of Hair Restoration

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My husband is not an old man, but he started losing his hair early. I guess it is generic because his father is the same when he was his age. I tried to massage his hair/scalp with“special oil” that can make his hair grows back, but it didn’t work. Then one day, while surfing through the internet, I’ve found Aventi Laser Hair Therapy that does this low level laser therapy or LLLT that can make your hair grows back naturally. During the therapy, scalp tissue absorbs the beam of light, which stimulates blood flow to the area around the hair follicle. The increased blood flow from LLLT results in more nutrients being carried to the hair follicle; the hair, in turn, begins to grow again.

This hair restoration process can be done not just for men but also for women whose hair are thinning up or just want to revive their hair. If you want to have your hair grows back, and live in California, then
California laser hair therapy is there to help restore your hair.

To learn more about the benefits and positive effects of LLLT hair restoration, visit their site now!

Hungry boy...

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This is one of those days after he gets back from school; very hungry, tired and sleepy, can sometimes be cranky if he didn't get anything he wants to, right then and there. I think it's typical for his age to act like that. On his hand is plain cheeseburger we picked up at Mcdonalds.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Custom Postcards

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When my husband got laid off from his job of seven years, we decided to put up a business of our own at home. In order to do that, we needed supply for our business like business cards, stationary and rubber stamps to name a few. So I went online and found this website that sells everything we needed for our business. Vista Print offers a wide selection of printing services; they can even help us with Custom Postcards we needed to send to our clients, by helping us customize the products according to our needs.They also sell checks, announcements cards and car magnet to advertise our new business. We can get almost everything we needed to start our own business home.

If you are in needs of any business supply, now is the best time to order, for their prices are very affordable, you can never find it anywhere. Vista Print is the place you can rely on when it comes to your business printing needs. Right now they have a great deal on
Custom Postcards; when you order just show this code: PC50: 50 Free Oversized Postcards and you will get 50 pieces oversized custom postcards free. Use Vista Print for all your printing and customize office supply for you not only save money but also time by ordering online.

Time to slow down ....

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My in-laws from New Mexico and Nevada are going to visit us next week. They just arrived at my brother in- law's house in North Carolina. We don't know yet when is the exact day they will see us here in Virginia. My husband said that we need to go there at some point in time so we can have a little get together there before going to our place. Tomorrow I will start cleanng the entire house so it will be ready for them when they get here next week; that means I will not be able to spend more time blogging. Please bear with me during those days, I will try my best to visit your blogs and drop ec's as well. Thanks and fun bloggig and visiting our online buddies!

Great UK Holiday on the Isle of Wight

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My Aunt is married to and Englishman who was born and raised in UK. He is a nice guy and so as his mother. I live with them for nearly 2 years before coming here in the USA. When I was living with them we always talk about their life in UK and how pretty it is in there. My Aunt and her husband go to a vacation every time they visit her mother in- law who is is old and lives by herself. She always tell me how great their vacation was and how much fun they have had. The last time I talked to here was June when she came to see us. She told me about the nice place they went to recently which was on Isle of Wight; where they stayed at Isle of Wight Hotel , beautiful place to unwind and relax, it is close to the sandy beaches and is very cozy. Isle of Wight is located in the South Coast of England. The island has been attracting tourist since Victorian times.Ventor is holiday resort for everyone because there’s a lot of entertainments everyone will enjoy. Walking is fun, too because of the botanical garden and sandy beaches.

The island can be reached by car or if you love to walk, you can even go there by your feel. If you are planning for a holiday vacation in Isle of Wight and want to know how to get there and where to stay, St. Maur Hotel has a website where you can find lots of information to help you plan your holiday. They
offers short breaks or main holidays, or just a couple of night of bed and breakfast. Whatever your plans are, Isle of Wight Hotel is there to help you and accommodate your every needs while there. You can be sure that your holiday vacation will be fun and enjoyable as you would want it to be.Visit their site now!

Home is where a mother should be...

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, September 17, 2008 3 comments
The other day, we went to eat at Cracker Barrel near home after we picked Jacob up at the bus stop after school. It was kind off early dinner. We really enjoyed the foods. As always, I ordered sirloin steak with mashed potato and gravy on the side, green beans and candied carrots. Hubby ordered the samplers which he didn’t like except the collard greens side. Jacob has cheeseburger with French fries. For some reason, we always get burned eating there, so we decided to stop eating there ‘though I like their steak now. Well, anyway, I asked hubby to get me an application form so I can apply for a job since they are hiring; I think I can work part-time while Jacob is at school. On the way back to the restaurant, my son asked where is hi Daddy going and I told him where and why. It was funny what his response was “No! Mommy you can’t go to work, Daddy is; you stay home, you don’t work.” I told it to hubby and he said: he is a smart little guy” he knows where a mother/wife place is… at home to care for the family needs and to be a queen of the household. But it depends with situations of some mothers who need to go to work because they have to and not because they want to.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pearl Prices

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While I was searching the internet to find jewelry that matches the dress I am going to wear at my best friend’s wedding, I came across this website that sells high quality pearl jewelry. They are selling pearl jewelry with a 70% off at retail store. They also sell: pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl pendants and pear bracelets to name a few. Don’t miss this very great deal, visit their website now!

Kids Friendly Recipes

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It's important to provide children with nutritious meals and snacks, but getting your kids to actually eat them can be a challenge. These fun, flavorful recipes are perfect for children and guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters.

Baked Chicken Nuggets
Macaroni & Cheese Pizza
Chicken and Broccoli Pockets
Spinach Balls
Vegetable Burger
Quick Fruity Float

This foods are my son's favorite and I am glad I found these very easy to follow recipes. Just sharing this post to every mother out there who has picky eaters children just like I have, for they will surely love them

Happy Holidays to our Troops!

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, September 16, 2008 1 comments
Holiday season is fast approaching; and I have been busy buying gifts for my family, friends and relatives to give to them on Christmas. One more thing that I make sure not to forget is the holiday greeting cards. I am glad I’ve found out Now I don’t have to worry about getting Christmas cards and Business Christmas cards for my husband’s colleagues and friends at work.You can find any business christmas cards you needs at The Gallery Collection premium that are in fine quality; you can even personalize them if you want. Using Business Christmas cards can make a sublime statement about your company’s attitude toward clients, customers, prospects, vendors, and staff. So better use them now.

Right now, is holding this holiday donation of personalized Holiday cards to the Soldier’s Angel to be used in sending care packages to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. They did it last year and they are doing it again, to make sure that there is no fallen, injured and deployed soldiers forgotten, for because most of them would not have a chance to celebrate holidays with their family. All 180,000 of our troops stationed overseas will be receiving an imprinted holiday card thanking them for their services and wishing them a happy Holiday Season and New Year.

I really like the Soldier's Angel motto which is “May no soldier go unloved.” For me it means that we can not afford to forget these soldiers, for they are sacrificing everything they have, including families, loved ones, even their lives to preserve the freedom and liberty which we now have and enjoy. We need to let them feel the spirit of Christmas even ‘though they are away from us.

My mother's mild stroke...

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Last week, I got a call from my brother in the Philippines telling me that my mother was sickbed. He was very dizzy and was having difficulty walking or standing on her own; she needs help in order to do that and as soon as she’s up, she will starts throwing up. Because of that, she couldn’t eat or she will throw up afterwards. So they took her to a clinic and put dextrose on her. The next day, the doctor told them to take her to the hospital for it can be serious and she doesn’t have tools to diagnose the cause of her sickness. It turned out the she was having a mild stroke, the doctor at the hospital told them. She stayed at the hospital for three days. I am so glad that she was able to make it on time; her blood pressure was so high 200/100! And a little vein on her head was damaged. I never though it will happen to her. I was so sad because I couldn’t be there to take care of her, not that my brother and her family wouldn’t take care of her, it’s just that I want to do it also. Anyway, my mother for me is a living proof of miracles, because she was living most of her life with high blood pressure. I thought she was going to have kidney disease and get a trasplant, just like me; but thank God, she didn’t get any life threatening diseases cause by HBP.She is now recovering at home with my father and brother’s help. She is getting better now. The funny thing is that my brother told me that she has gotten used to living here life with HBP, that she was having difficulty adjusting her life and health to a better and much lower blood pressure than before. On top of her HBP, she had suffered from coughing for how long, I don’t know. They kept giving her cough medicine and she never gets better, it was not long that they figured out that it was just an allergy. What a bummer! Then, there her HBP, which the doctor she used to see can not figure out which one, is the best medicine for her to stabilize her BHP, another bummer with some doctors in the Philippines. We were there last year for a vacation, and I suffered diarrhea, went to the hospital, the doctor said I need to be confined at the hospital. What give me a break, just because I came from U.S. doesn’t mean I have lot of money, I said “NO!” I can manage it; she gave me prescription medicines instead, which by the way never took not even a single tablet; the next day, I was all better and the diarrhea is gone. What is going on with the doctors in the Philippines? I don’t know, but after that, it will be hard for me trust doctors in the Philippines anymore, not all of them, yeah.

Tag Heuer Formula One

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I already started shopping gifts for holiday season to send to my family in the Philippines. I have this box half full already. I always look for a good deal when I shop; and most of the time I go to the mall for they always have a sale or clearance sale that I couldn’t resist, but get whatever I like that is cheap. My father’s dream is to have a nice brand name watch; and this Christmas, I am going to surprise him with a tag heuer formula one watch even ‘though he likes other brand better. I am sure he will jump for joy when he sees it. The carry huge selections of luxury and branded name watches like Tag Heuer watches and you can choose whatever you want or one that suits your style. Their styles are very unique and elegant; you will never find that in any other watch stores. Their customer service is also great! You can never say “no thank you, or maybe next time” to them because they are very friendly and accommodating.

If you are planning to buy now, they have this very special offer, a Watchery give away where you will get a free watch or save 80% off with a purchase. Better go and shop now to avoid crowd's last minute shopping; you will be glad you did, for you save yourself from a lot of trouble.

Jacob's First Day Of School

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I took these pictures the first three days of school. As you can see he, was excited and happy.
This one was his first day...
second day...
and third day, the day he staeted riding the school bus; he was so brave being the first timer.; he likes going to school and riding the bus and he even found new friend there. I am so happy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happiness is Pets

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I grew up having dogs in our house; it sure makes people happy, even sick people feel so much better. I say that Happiness is Pets. Dogs are very popular pets, indeed. Those who are considering getting dogs for a pet, make sure choose the right one for your style. Hapiness is Pets according to the poll coducted by MORI, 81% of the people felt much better after getting dogs, so if you want to read it go to their site.

A Bunch of Thanks!

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Hello friends, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the support you gave me during the poll; I want you all to know they will never be forgotten. I could have never win without your help.You guys know who you are! I didn't put names in here for I am afraid I might forget or left one out. Take care you all and May God Bless You All...for your friendship :-) and to Carlota, a million thanks to you, Dear!

Korte, one you can rely on!

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One of my favorites building where we live now is the Henrico Heart Center here in Virginia. They just finished building it this summer and had recently opened for business. I really admire the architectural designs. The wall is glass and it is so pretty. I think that when constructing a building, it is very important to consider incorporating green practices into their designs, for by so doing, we are helping save environment as well as the earth. Pollutions can be prevented and we can help produce e85 fuel to run cars, just like Illinois., is the one you can rely on for they have learned that the most important aspect in project management for construction is careful and detail-oriented planning a strong focus on teamwork. My favorite Korte building is the Marco’s Sunset Cove Resort in Marco Island, Florida. It beautifully and majestically standing in the island.

Invest in Bonds!

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Invest yourself in your Family. The payoffs start now and continue through Etenity! Families can be together Forever through Heavenly Father's Plan.

Medical Hair Restoration

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When I saw this website, it reminds me of my husband who started losing his hair early. I tried to help him on his quest to restoring hair by massaging his scalp with this miracle oil we bought back in Texas. My cousin told me she used the same oil with her husband’s hair scalp also! But it didn’t work for us. I think losing my husband’s hair is genetic for his Dad hair loss issue also in his early age. And if you see them, you will say that my husband is a carbon copy of his Dad; both bald now. Anyway, I made a joke one time and said: “why don’t you get some sort of treatment for it?” and he answered and said: “I have been looking lately but couldn’t find one that is inexpensive and effective as well.” As we all know, hair transplants is an option, but can be very expensive. But I am glad I have found this website for Medical Hair Restoration . After reading on what they do, I told my husband that I have found one that would be perfect for him. Surprisingly, he agreed! All we have to do now sign up and get the free Educational DVD and have him do the no obligation Hair/scalp analysis. This clinic has a tremendous reputation, and Dr. Matt Leavitt has been doing it since 1992. As a board certified Dermatologist, he has treated tens of thousands of people just like my husband. What’s great about the whole process is that it is your hair that is going to grow back not somebody ele's.

I now encourage all of you out there who have hair loss problem to visit their website and sign-up to receive the free educational DVD package and free personalized hair/scalp analysis to get the full picture of their current hair loss! Come on, try for there is nothing to lose but gain!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Final day to vote today!

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Hello everyone, thanks for for all the support you give me by voting my blog for a free customize layout at Carlota's contest. We still have one day left before the voting is over, so pls. bear with me through the end of the poll. Once again, thanks a buch from the bottom of my heart!

Here are thoughts I would like to share with everyone to ponder; I just like them that's why.

"Open your horizon and see all the options you have.Then, you will truly be fortunate."

"Sometimes the object of the journey is not the end, but the journey itself."

Have a good day or good night everyone. See you all at

AntiPoleez, lozenge that eliminates odor!

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Eating certain foods can sometimes leave our mouth with bad smell or odor. And nobody likes the smell of it even yourself. Well, worry no more because there is a lozenge that can eliminates that stinky odor and it is called antipoleez. This is FDA approved product and is natural, no artificial flavors and ingredients. You can be sure that bad odor with be gone in no time and will leave no fruity smell in your mouth. Try it for yourself to make sure that what I am saying here is true.

I Feel Okay Tag

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Inspirational - "When God speaks and man obeys, that man will always be right." ~~Joseph Smith ~~
~~Start Copy Here~~
Feel okay? Well you should be! You’ll definitely be okay if you’re going to be a part of this meme, be okay if you are about to have a chance to increase your Technorati and Google Pagerank!

1. Make others feel good: share your favorite, self made, or any quotes as you pass on this meme with the image below.

2. Make sure to come back – HERE - ( to get the master list and leave a comment that you’ve made yourself a part of this meme. This would ensure that you’ve been added to masters list.

3. Your favorites, self made, or any quotes that you shared are collected and will be linked back to your site as its source, this would give you much benefit. Put a category before your quote. (ex. Inspirational, happiness, love, sweet, time, motivational, friendship, and others), much better if you relate the quote on your blog. Ex. Fashion Blog - quotes about beauty; Personal Blog - quotes about success, life, inspirational and many more. It’s your choice.

4. Only one quote and category per blog please, make sure to tag as many bloggers possible. Please update your contributor's list more often. May we achieve thousands of quotes from different bloggers around the world. Let the fun begin. Be a part of a great collection of quotes from different bloggers around the world!!!


(1)BeautyTips(2)EmjeiSays(3)Techmobiz(4)BlackNickel(5)ifeelokay(6)iAM-MAi(7)NeuroPatch(8)Express4Free(9)Club101(10)Earn4aLiving(11)Solo-Flight(12)My Touch of Heaven(13)BigMoneyList(14)Momhood Moments(15)Business Mars(16) Life is good and Beautiful (17) YOUR BLOG HERE! :)View the complete list of Quotes by bloggers around the world - HERE -

~~End Copy Here~~

Thanks Maricel for this wonderful tag! Sure appreciate you thinking of me when you included my name here.

Now I'm tagging: Maybel, Rose of O and G, Malou, Umma, Iceah, Mei, Michelle, Sheng, Juliana, Sweetiepie, Byotipol Pinaymama, Danah, Maicel, Redge and everyone in my blog roll!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Turbocharge your ride!

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Car is very important necessity in everyone’s lives since it was discovered years ago. It can take us anywhere we need/want to. So we need to make sure that is it well taken care of. Induction of air is a major component of the any vehicle and believe it or not, oxygen is a major factor in automotive performance. Our old car can use turbocharger for it needs horsepower improvement, especially that we will be driving a long way to my in-laws place. If you want to find a new and perfect turbocharger for you car or any auto part needs, just visit their website at , for they have everything you need for any vehicle you have especially when you have Audi and VW cars.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Propagating Friendship Award

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They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let's try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.
NanayBelen passed me this Tag Award. Thank you 'Nay :-), I really love this one!
Now I am passing it to my online buddies like: Imelda, Rosa, Cookie, Liza, Enday, Claire, Umma and Maicel.

What Type of Soccer Mom are you?

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I have seen all the videos about the The Sproutwells , who are just typical fruits and vegetables trying to fit into human’s world. This episode is all about the sprout wells at the soccer ball games where Ruby is in one of the team. It is a funny episode you wouldn’t want to miss.
Anyway, I am not yet the one they called “crazy soccer mom.” But I heard about a soccer mom who went crazy during her son’s games to the point that she almost attacks the referee. It was so hilarious that her son was embarrassed and went home without finishing the game.

Right now, they have this freshfunds program where you can join and start accumulating points that you can use to earn prizes, make charitable donations and bid on auction items, like Nintendo Wii Fit® & Fun Prize Pack.
What are you waiting for? Become a Fresh Funds fanatic by signing up today!

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

God is Watching Us!

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This is a beautiful photo of a giant American flag in Arizona . The photo is authentic, UN-Touched and was taken on regular Kodak 35mm film. The person who took the picture couldn't believe the image created by the suns rays. Nice of them to share it with the world! Read what is says under the picture....
For those that prefer to think that God is not watching over us...this photo proves they are wrong! For the rest of us....our faith in God is strengthened!

Convenient of Using Credit Card

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Just like everybody else, we use credit cards in all our purchases for we don’t want to carry large amount of cash in our pocket for security reason, plus almost all business estabishments and even doctor’s clinic and hospitals accept credit cards for payments. Using credit card is very convenient.If you own a business you should consider accepting credit cards as payments from costumer. can help set up one for you. Accepting credit cards using their credit card processing, will give you a price protection guarantee. And if for some reason you are not satisfy with their service, they will even pay you to have it switched or find the price plan that they can beat. There is no cancellation or termination fee. Almost everything is free, they accept almost all types of credit card , plus you can contact their customer service 24/7 and their system used and trusted by over 180,000 merchants nationwide. Go now and avail their 30 day trial free.

Love Takes Time

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True love is a process. True love requires personal action. Love must be continuing to be real. Love takes time. Too often expediency, infatuation, stimulation, persuasion or lust are mistaken for love. How hollow, how empty if our love is no deeper than the arousal of momentary feeling or the expression in words of what is no more lasting than the time it takes to speak them. Love of God takes time. Love of family takes time. Love of country takes time. Love of neighbor takes time. Love of companion takes time.Love in courtship takes time. Love of self takes time. Whether we are a young son, not wanting to hear of love, but preferring to see it in action, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a father, daughter or the stranger, we need and deserve more than the declaration, “I love you.” Let us resolve to take the time to give of ourselves in putting love into appropriate action and performance. God, too, needs more than words. He is made happy by our feeding, keeping and continuing.

~~Marvin J. Ashton~~

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morey’s Piers, NJ's Best Amusement Park's

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Since we are planning to move out of the state in a year or two, my husband and I are planning of visiting nice places here on the East Coast before leaving. One on our list is going to New Jersey for a family beach vacation. I became so excited even more upon hearing from a cousin of mine who went there recently how much fun they have during their stay there. During their stay there, she mentioned to me that they went to Morey’s Piers; the largest amusement park in the world. Their two children really enjoyed the park where they rode kiddy rides, swimming pools and the horse back riding as well. She and her husband rode the roller coaster because it was their most favorite ride in the park. Sounds to me like they have so much fun, that they didn’t even want to live the place. She told me that if we are interested to go there for a New Jersey Vacation, we really need to go to their website to find a place to stay. And Wildwood Hotels/Motels is one of the best! At Morey’s Piers, they offer over 100 exciting amusement park rides, attractions and many more that the whole family will enjoy, including two large beachfront water parks.

Planning for your next family beach vacation
? Why not consider going to Morey’s Piers for you will never regret your stay there. It will be so much fun for everyone. Check out their weekly special offer at Hurry up, for summer will be over soon!

For the Second time, I am asking you guys, once again to vote for my blog, Life is Good and Beautiful at ...thanks a bunch!

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This is the second time that my blog was chosen by Carlota to have the chance of receiving new customize layout :-). Hoping to win this time, if it is God's will. To Carlota, Thanks a bunch again! Don't know how to thank you enough. And for those who supported my blog last week, thank you all so much; and hoping that you all will support me again just like you did last week :-) May God Bless You All! You guys know who you are! Don't want to mention names here, am affraid I might forget/left someone out., Trusted and Accurate Service

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

12 Words Meme

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I got this tag from online friend, Race. Thank you for this very neat tag. Sure appreciate you thinking of me!
Twelve words meme: this meme is different because it is up to the player to write his/her own words and give his/her own interpretations of these words. Present 12 words that mean something and explain why:
1) GOD – is my Father in Heaven, my Savior, redeermer, my king and friend.
2) SON – is indeed our pride and joy, the source of happiness and laughters.
3) DAUGHTERS –died stillborn and went to heaven when she was seven months old.
3) HUSBAND- the person I want ed to spend the rest of my life with.
5) Parents and Siblings- – my loyal supporters in every decisions I make and cheers me up!
6) FRIENDS – is the one everybody needs for, for no one is and island.
7) BLOGGING/WRITING – my way of expressing myself, my thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions.
8) COOKING/BAKING- the the way I nourish the physical health of myself, family and friends.
9) PHOTOGRAPHY – is one of my greatest desire to do or pursue someday soon.
10) BLESSINGS – from God may come from anybody and through obedience of HIS commandments.
11) FELLOWSHIP –with friends, family and fellow church members is what makes me happy.
12) SIMPLY HAPPY –is the purpose of man’s existence here on earth and next life.
~Start Copy~
This is another one of those Linky Love games where you only have to tag 10 persons in one post, but still there is no actual limit (you can tag more if you want!). Once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow! Do not delete any of the links and be honest to yourself!BennyLiew, RamblingMoo, Mum & Kids In Wonderland, Judelittle, Our mini blogsphere, Rooms in My Heart,, ChinNee, Jo-N, LadyJava’s Lounge, My Life, My Hope, My Future, Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery, Choc Mint Girl, The Callalily Space, Juliana RW, Picturing of Life, Its Not a Weekend;Its a Lifestyle, Napaboaniya APAD, My Wanderings, Picture Clusters, Maiylah’s Snippets, TeacherJulie, GreenBucks1, GreenBucks2, Homeschooling Blog, Lucky Charms, TekKonsult, Marikit, Strawberrygurl, Busy Mom, My Stories, Punto De Vista, Shopaholic ties the knot, A Reality Bite, My World, When Mom Speaks, kathycot, buhaymisis, kathycotcooks, My Precious Niche, Just Me.. Eds, Eds Mommy Life, My Journey, Celebrate Life, Deeply in Love, Lynn's Chic Spot, Sheng's Simple Thoughts, Reveiling Oneself, Briggs Time! Moments of My Life, My Crossroads, Life is Good and Beautiful Your Site Here!
~End Copy~
I would like to link this wonderful persons: Redge, Maybel, Jhelea, Juliet, Sheng, Anne of Byotipol, Imelda, Vicy, Jhona and Richelle.

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