Monday, September 15, 2008

Medical Hair Restoration

Posted by Cecile at Monday, September 15, 2008
When I saw this website, it reminds me of my husband who started losing his hair early. I tried to help him on his quest to restoring hair by massaging his scalp with this miracle oil we bought back in Texas. My cousin told me she used the same oil with her husband’s hair scalp also! But it didn’t work for us. I think losing my husband’s hair is genetic for his Dad hair loss issue also in his early age. And if you see them, you will say that my husband is a carbon copy of his Dad; both bald now. Anyway, I made a joke one time and said: “why don’t you get some sort of treatment for it?” and he answered and said: “I have been looking lately but couldn’t find one that is inexpensive and effective as well.” As we all know, hair transplants is an option, but can be very expensive. But I am glad I have found this website for Medical Hair Restoration . After reading on what they do, I told my husband that I have found one that would be perfect for him. Surprisingly, he agreed! All we have to do now sign up and get the free Educational DVD and have him do the no obligation Hair/scalp analysis. This clinic has a tremendous reputation, and Dr. Matt Leavitt has been doing it since 1992. As a board certified Dermatologist, he has treated tens of thousands of people just like my husband. What’s great about the whole process is that it is your hair that is going to grow back not somebody ele's.

I now encourage all of you out there who have hair loss problem to visit their website and sign-up to receive the free educational DVD package and free personalized hair/scalp analysis to get the full picture of their current hair loss! Come on, try for there is nothing to lose but gain!



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