Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Banzai Game

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, September 23, 2008
My husband and I both love playing games, from typical board games, electronic to DVD games. We even bought ourselves xbox when it was so popular. Still plays that games everyonce in a while. Anyway, we saw this new game called Banzai . Oh man, it was very funny or should I say, very hilarious.

Banzai is not only a family game, but also good to be used in a party or reunion game. It comes in a box where everyting is in there. The goal for this game is to win all the sushi, whoever gets more sushi, then she/he the winner at the end of the game. Sorry the sushi is not a real one, so you can not eat it.At the beginning of the game, each player will have 25 sushi that are color coded with matching match sushi bowl and pair of chopsticks. The person in-charge on the DVD remote control, who by the way called Shogun is going to show a stunt of some kind. Then, players have only 15 seconds to use the chopsticks and race to place the sushis in to the betting bowl. Then when the sounds Gong starts, that means the game is over. and if all your answers are correct you will have all the sushi in the betting bowl. Very simple if you are very good in using chopsticks… all there is to the game is: to watch the stunt, bet on the outcome and win.

Banzai, a family game everyone will enjoy, and the game is available for purchase by downloading it online or it is also available at My Space Page. To learn more on how to play the game, just watch the video here.



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