Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sports in Your Life

Posted by Cecile at Thursday, September 25, 2008
Even though I don’t play golf, it is still one my favorite game to watch on the television. I don’t know why, but ever since I got here in the United States, golf is the only game I think I would like to play because I think it would be easy for me once I started playing and practicing, plus it doesn’t require body contact at all, meaning the safest game not to mention that you earn a lot by just playing while enjoying it at the same time. Tiger Woods has became my favorite player; win or lose I still like him and love the way he plays. I am an avid fan of him, I’ll say. I follow his career so much by watching sports videos, displays sports clips in our game room and even watch online sports videos when I missed it on T.V. or sometimes asks my husband to record the game for me when I won’t be able to watch it. Tiger and his father have proven to the world that no matter what race, color or nationality you are, you have power to suceed just like Tiger Woods himself; you just need determination, courage, perseverance, patience and by following the footsteps of your father, mentor and friend and most of all, hi faith in God.

Tiger Woods - Click here for more sports videos
I encourage everyone to go to
SportsVids and upload a video that has memorable impact in your life, be it during your first homerun when you were a child or a last Cal Ripken Jr.’s game at Yankee Stadium.



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