Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheap Designer Clothings

Posted by Cecile at Monday, September 29, 2008
I am a person who loves to shop, and you can see that by just looking in my closet. You can find in there shoes, purses and clothes. I remember when I was still single, my grandmother used to get mad at me because I shop a lot instead of putting my money in the bank. She used to say “when you got nothing to eat, maybe your clothes will feed you.” Anyway, since I got married, I only shop when there is a clearance sale at the mall. I not only buy things or clothes for myself, but for my husband and son as well.

Then one day, while surfing the net, I came across Heavenly Couture. They specialize in offering highest quality designer clothing for juniors and as women as well. And if you are looking for Cheap Jeans, they are on sale now for only $13.80. They also have a daily special for only $9.99 not to mention that everything is 17.95 or less. You can save up to 85% and when you buy or order online worth $75.00 or more, they will ship it for free. I need Teen clothes for my nieces to send to the Philippines, am glad these site sells Discount Clothes for everyone. If you are like me, go online now and save more from buying designer cheap clothes.


Imelda said...

nice choice huh? i will look sexy in that, and u too.

signe said...

Awesome! Thanks for the idea.

amiable amy said... is a good deal...


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