Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cleaning System That Always Works!

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, September 06, 2008
Have you ever heard of cleaning in layers? It is a mindset of organizing a cleaning schedule to suit your specific needs. This is what I do at home. Being the work from home mother that I am, I am left with nobody but myself to do the house chores, so I figured I must devise a way wherein things will be less cumbersome for me. Thus, the cleaning in layers.

Layer1 - Basically covers the everyday things that needs to be done. Dish washing, floor sweeping, garbage emptying, bed making, and for those who have toddlers like me, picking up toys.

Layer2 - These are tasks that are to be done once or twice a week like vacuuming, for non-tropical countries - watering the plants, cleaning the garbage pail, cleaning the bathroom, toilet and dusting the furniture.

Layer 3 - Once a week deep cleaning like mopping or scrubbing the floor. I consider myself blessed because I have a weekend girl who comes over to do this for me. Polishing furnitures, cleaning the fridge, changing the linens.

Layer 4 - This involves projects like washing the windows, woodwork jobs, cleaning the oven, polishing silvers, washing summer and winter blankets. Cleaning the screens and storm windows also fall under this layer. Choose a fixed two hours per week for these or add them to your Layer 3 to do's each week as they come up.

Keeping house should not be as hard as it seem. It just needs a system and have it work for you. Happy cleaning!


Bryan J said...

Leaving you a message here, CBox was not functioning at the time. Sure I will vote for you. TC

Imelda said...

nice tips u have here.

dropped an ec.


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