Friday, May 20, 2011

MM: Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is over, but to is an everyday celebration in my house. Hubby and son don't cease to amaze me how much they love me. And I feel very important and loved all the time! Everyday seems like a lucky day for me! Here are the cards my men gave me...and I so love them :-)!

At church the children sang songs for us while the young men handed us a bar of chocolate :-)!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

MM: Here Comes the Baby!

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I gave birth to Jacob two months early. Both of us stayed at the hospital for a month. During those times, I tried to give Jacob breast milk while he was at NICU. Unfortunately, I didn't get much milk from me no matter how much I pump milk out of me. So, we decided to give him formula milk.

Our first meeting after three days. I was recuperating from C-Section while he was at NIU and I couldn't go there till I am able to walk.

During one of my visit with him at NICU where he smiled at me when I called his name :-).

He was at the incubator for three weeks because he needs to gain weight.

Now, my preemie is a healthy 6 year old who hadn't have any serious illnesses at all. God has blessed us with a beautiful baby whom we are and will always be proud of!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mama Moments #1 Eating with Hand

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They say that the best place for a child to learn is within our own homes. Our kids learn from the way or how we act, talk and sometimes even think. That is that reason why we (parents) need to be very careful in our words and deed. Small children especially.... follows our it good or bad. My son is very observant; he sees everything I do and say and follows them. Lately, he has been using his hands when we eat....because sometimes...I use my hands when we eat fish. Now, he uses his hands, too! Using hands at home when eating is fine with me....but not in public places like restaurants, Fast foods, and parties.

Join us by clicking this link :-); thank you!

Tips on How to Read with Your Child

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Find a quiet, comfortable place to read.
Keep reading time enjoyable and relaxed.
Choose a time when your child is not tired, hungry, or really eager to do something else.

Give your child wait time of 5 to 10 seconds to see what he can do.

Read it to the child, and talk about it or leave it, and try another story.
Read every second page or chapter to the child then he/she reads a page or chapter to you, then you read one, and so on.

Accept your child's efforts.
Avoid criticism, threats, and comparisons with other children

Talk about the story and pictures. This will help your child to gain interest and get more meaning from the story.
Have your child retell all or portions of the story.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Knowledge Put Into Good Use

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A friend of mine has a small home business. She is into desktop publishing and printing. She is not a graduate of any drafting or computer course, but she is self taught. She used to work in a company where she was assigned to make flyers, brochures and invitations. Because she did not have any background in drafting or anything that’s related to graphics, visuals and the like, she just had to learn how to make those documents. A program was installed in her office-issued computer and I remember her telling me that she would spend countless hours learning to make flyers, brochures, and other stuff. Working in that company for two years taught her a lot and within those two short years, she was able to hone her skills in desktop publishing. So when she settled down, she brought everything that she has learned to her own household.

She started a small printing business. First she accepted offers from her neighbors, like orders for wedding and birthday invitations. Since she lives near a school, soon the students came to her to avail of her services. Soon it progressed to making flyers and brochures and even to postcard printing postcard printing. Her knowledge on desktop publishing was put into good use. Till now, her family is reaping the benefits of what she has learned. Although it’s only a home-based business, she is able to make meager ends meet. She is able to provide for her family’s needs and their wants. She never thought that something she had no idea on how to do before will bring good fortune to her and her kin.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MM: Preggy Tales

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Hubby and I wanted to have at least 2 kids, but because of my difficult pregnancy every time, one of our first baby died when she (Ruth) was still inside my tummy (stillborn). I was about 7 months pregnant with her when we found out the she stopped breathing during one of my routine check ups with my OB-GYNE. The reason wasn't clear yet, so they did an autopsy...the result was inconclusive :-/. My OB said that lack of fluid...but not really sure about it. What about that? Don't blame me if I hated that doctor for awhile there. To this day, hubby and I are wondering whether my hypertension and spilling of protein in my urine have something to do with it. The caused of her death is still a big puzzle to us. Anyway, whatever the reason was, we know God only know why. The only thing that give us comfort is that someday' we will be 'reunited with her' again. I do have a picture when I was pregnant with Ruth, but couldn't find it....same thing with Jake. So I am re posting this photo of Jake when he was at NICU.

After we lost Ruth, my Nephrologist advised me to not get pregnant again because it will be very risky for me and the baby, not to mention that it would make my kidney disease worst. And he was right. We didn't listen...we got pregnant again....yeah we planned it for we felt that God is going to bless us because we were doing the right thing.

Jacob was born two months early; he was a preemie and needed to stay at NICU for a month just to gain weight. He didn't have any medical issues...just needed to gain weight because he only weighed 4.3 pounds. I delivered him through c-section because he was coming out breech. I stayed at the hospital for three days; then was discharged only to go back again after four days for I had an infection. They open my tummy again to find out what was going on. I was at the hospital for a month. The doctors tried to figure out what was the caused of infection; with all the antibiotic I was fever still wouldn't go the surgeon told me that they needed to open it again too determine the caused, and I said "NO!" I said: "if you do that again, I might not survive it. I feel fine and I think I am going to be alright without another surgery." And I was right. I recovered from that infection and went home with my son after a month.

Okay, the side effect of that second pregnancy was my kidney disease has worsen, and my kidney eventually failed. I have gone to a dialysis for 8 months, then had a transplant. It's been five years since the transplant and I am doing fine. Thank God for His wondrous blessings. With that, I am forever grateful for HIM! If you would ask me if I'd do it again, my answer is "YES!" I would do it over and over again!

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