Saturday, May 7, 2011

Knowledge Put Into Good Use

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, May 07, 2011
A friend of mine has a small home business. She is into desktop publishing and printing. She is not a graduate of any drafting or computer course, but she is self taught. She used to work in a company where she was assigned to make flyers, brochures and invitations. Because she did not have any background in drafting or anything that’s related to graphics, visuals and the like, she just had to learn how to make those documents. A program was installed in her office-issued computer and I remember her telling me that she would spend countless hours learning to make flyers, brochures, and other stuff. Working in that company for two years taught her a lot and within those two short years, she was able to hone her skills in desktop publishing. So when she settled down, she brought everything that she has learned to her own household.

She started a small printing business. First she accepted offers from her neighbors, like orders for wedding and birthday invitations. Since she lives near a school, soon the students came to her to avail of her services. Soon it progressed to making flyers and brochures and even to postcard printing postcard printing. Her knowledge on desktop publishing was put into good use. Till now, her family is reaping the benefits of what she has learned. Although it’s only a home-based business, she is able to make meager ends meet. She is able to provide for her family’s needs and their wants. She never thought that something she had no idea on how to do before will bring good fortune to her and her kin.



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