Monday, September 29, 2008

Name Tag

Posted by Cecile at Monday, September 29, 2008
Would like to thank Race for this cool tag. Just want to share with friends why we chose the names of our here they are:

OUR KID’S NAMES: List all of your kids’ names, or even just one. It's up to you. Write down the story or the reason why you chose it. If you’re expecting or planning to have more kids and already have a name for them …. list them down too.

We chose RUTH for our first born child. She was stillborn, we named her after Ruth in the Bible from the Old Testament.

Our second child is JACOB. We named him after the prophet in the Book of Motmon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ.


I am now passing it to my friends: Juliet, Umma, Maybel, Rose of O and B and Lou.



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