Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Holidays to our Troops!

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, September 16, 2008
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Right now, GalleryCollection.com is holding this holiday donation of personalized Holiday cards to the Soldier’s Angel to be used in sending care packages to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. They did it last year and they are doing it again, to make sure that there is no fallen, injured and deployed soldiers forgotten, for because most of them would not have a chance to celebrate holidays with their family. All 180,000 of our troops stationed overseas will be receiving an imprinted holiday card thanking them for their services and wishing them a happy Holiday Season and New Year.

I really like the Soldier's Angel motto which is “May no soldier go unloved.” For me it means that we can not afford to forget these soldiers, for they are sacrificing everything they have, including families, loved ones, even their lives to preserve the freedom and liberty which we now have and enjoy. We need to let them feel the spirit of Christmas even ‘though they are away from us.


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