Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great UK Holiday on the Isle of Wight

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, September 17, 2008
My Aunt is married to and Englishman who was born and raised in UK. He is a nice guy and so as his mother. I live with them for nearly 2 years before coming here in the USA. When I was living with them we always talk about their life in UK and how pretty it is in there. My Aunt and her husband go to a vacation every time they visit her mother in- law who is is old and lives by herself. She always tell me how great their vacation was and how much fun they have had. The last time I talked to here was June when she came to see us. She told me about the nice place they went to recently which was on Isle of Wight; where they stayed at Isle of Wight Hotel , beautiful place to unwind and relax, it is close to the sandy beaches and is very cozy. Isle of Wight is located in the South Coast of England. The island has been attracting tourist since Victorian times.Ventor is holiday resort for everyone because there’s a lot of entertainments everyone will enjoy. Walking is fun, too because of the botanical garden and sandy beaches.

The island can be reached by car or if you love to walk, you can even go there by your feel. If you are planning for a holiday vacation in Isle of Wight and want to know how to get there and where to stay, St. Maur Hotel has a website where you can find lots of information to help you plan your holiday. They
offers short breaks or main holidays, or just a couple of night of bed and breakfast. Whatever your plans are, Isle of Wight Hotel is there to help you and accommodate your every needs while there. You can be sure that your holiday vacation will be fun and enjoyable as you would want it to be.Visit their site now!



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