Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My mother's mild stroke...

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Last week, I got a call from my brother in the Philippines telling me that my mother was sickbed. He was very dizzy and was having difficulty walking or standing on her own; she needs help in order to do that and as soon as she’s up, she will starts throwing up. Because of that, she couldn’t eat or she will throw up afterwards. So they took her to a clinic and put dextrose on her. The next day, the doctor told them to take her to the hospital for it can be serious and she doesn’t have tools to diagnose the cause of her sickness. It turned out the she was having a mild stroke, the doctor at the hospital told them. She stayed at the hospital for three days. I am so glad that she was able to make it on time; her blood pressure was so high 200/100! And a little vein on her head was damaged. I never though it will happen to her. I was so sad because I couldn’t be there to take care of her, not that my brother and her family wouldn’t take care of her, it’s just that I want to do it also. Anyway, my mother for me is a living proof of miracles, because she was living most of her life with high blood pressure. I thought she was going to have kidney disease and get a trasplant, just like me; but thank God, she didn’t get any life threatening diseases cause by HBP.She is now recovering at home with my father and brother’s help. She is getting better now. The funny thing is that my brother told me that she has gotten used to living here life with HBP, that she was having difficulty adjusting her life and health to a better and much lower blood pressure than before. On top of her HBP, she had suffered from coughing for how long, I don’t know. They kept giving her cough medicine and she never gets better, it was not long that they figured out that it was just an allergy. What a bummer! Then, there her HBP, which the doctor she used to see can not figure out which one, is the best medicine for her to stabilize her BHP, another bummer with some doctors in the Philippines. We were there last year for a vacation, and I suffered diarrhea, went to the hospital, the doctor said I need to be confined at the hospital. What give me a break, just because I came from U.S. doesn’t mean I have lot of money, I said “NO!” I can manage it; she gave me prescription medicines instead, which by the way never took not even a single tablet; the next day, I was all better and the diarrhea is gone. What is going on with the doctors in the Philippines? I don’t know, but after that, it will be hard for me trust doctors in the Philippines anymore, not all of them, yeah.


ckulit said...

hello ate, sorry to hear abuot your mother's MS. I can relate to you because Mama got hospitalized also because of HB, same way with your Mom. Its a horrible feeling that we can't be there for them.

Ate ask ko lang po, is it possible to change the title of opps in ss?


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