Monday, September 22, 2008

Las Vegas Golf Courses

Posted by Cecile at Monday, September 22, 2008
My Aunt is a golf player whom I can say is addicted to playing almost every day. I went with her one time and she was really a good player and she told me about the golf courses she has been to in Las vegas,Nevada, particularly the Las Vegas Golf . Desert Pines Golf Club was one of the golf courses she said she likes the most because it is conveniently accessible and is only 10 minutes away from downtown and the price is very reasonable plus; the view is spectacular because of the pine trees around it. It is climate-controlled practice facility, and is the only one in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Golf Digest has recognized Desert Pines as one of the best new upscale courses in the country. There are two more golf courses she said she likes to play in to and these are Bali Hai Golf Club and Desert Pines Golf Club. I would recommend everyone out there who loves to play golf in Las Vegas to visit their website for more information.


faye said...

wow ganda naman ng place
hope i can visit or own one like this hehehe dreaminggg....


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