Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tips for Eating Away from Home: Fast Food and Sandwiches

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, April 30, 2008
It is really hard (at least for us! )to avoid eating out especially at Fast Food.

1. Skip French fries. Have a hamburger with salad or even fresh fruit, like a banana or an apple. 2. Order grilled chicken or small hamburgers. Yes, this means skip the double, triple, or half-pound burgers.

3. Skip shakes. A 16-ounce vanilla shake can easily have more than 430 calories, which can burst anyone’s calorie budget. Enjoy a shake once in a while as a snack or stand-alone item but not with an already calorie-packed meal.

4. For kids, go for fruit slices and milk instead of soda pop and French fries.

5. Enjoy just one slice of pizza at fast-food pizza outlets.

6. Remember that adding mayo and cheese to a sandwich will tack on another 200 calories, at least.

7. Don’t be fooled by a grilled-cheese sandwich. It may seem small and simple, but the thick filling of cheese and buttered white bread slyly serves up a good 600 calories.

8. Order baked chips or enjoy fruit as a side item for sandwiches.

9. Sandwiches are a great choice, but think small, no more than six inches long (unless you order a low-fat veggie or meat-and-veggie sandwich with no mayo or cheese).

10. Choose whole-grain breads and add plenty of veggies.



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