Monday, March 14, 2011

Whatta Wonderful Week: #1

Posted by Cecile at Monday, March 14, 2011
While reading comments on PMC at Facebook, I happened to read this meme from Trish, who is also another meme called "Just Beautiful." I found it very inspiring and so I decided to join and share some or few positive things that happened to me the past week. An here it is....just hoping it can help in anyway possible way :-)!

On Monday last week, hubby finally had his cyst on his back fixed. That cyst had became swollen, infected and it was very painful that made him complain a lot. He was really sicked for a week and almost gave up on his doctor's appointment and have other doctor drain it instead. With the help of my never tiring encouragements, he finally listen with me. He decided to wait for three days before the surgery day. I just want to make sure that it will be done the right and safe way. I love the doctor who did the surgery. He knew what is supposed to be done and he did! Hubby is now happy and the pain is gone. It's been a week and he is feeling a lot better. The would is healing well. I change the dressing everyday. One more week and it would be healed! Thanks to Almighty God for always guiding us in all our decision making.

My very first share on....WWW; come join us and share your inspiring week with us! Thanks for taking time to read my entry!


Mommy Trish said...

it's a good thing that your husband is okay na. God is really good. thanks for joining and sharing your wonderful week! :)


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