Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 Great Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day

Posted by Cecile at Thursday, April 30, 2009
From spa treament to afternoon tea, find great ideas for Mother's Day.

Mom's Choice of Makeovers Make-Up or Spa: We love mom just the way she is, but every woman likes to "freshen up."

I wished my Mom is here so I can give her a special treat like maybe one on the 5 lists I posted here. Oh, well I can still send her something and still make her happy.

Anyway, here some great ideas to make your your mother feels great on this "special day".

Happy Mother's Day to Every Mother's Out There!!!
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  • Make-Up or Spa: Does mom need new make-up or a beauty product rejuvenation? You could make an appointment at the local spa (like last year) or, better yet, pamper her with cool personal care gifts that she can use at home for more than just a day.
  • Wardrobe Update: Or, you can kick-off the wardrobe makeover that mom has been hinting about by hiring a personal shopper. Many department stores offer this service, where a shopper can make suggestions as to what works with your mother's style and how to step it up.
  • Room Redo: If it's a room in your mother's home that could use a facelift, rally the family and perk up a room with new throw pillows, accessories, even a paint job.
  • Treat Mom to Tea


Clarissa said...

Naku I really need to get pampered kasi nai-stress ng beauty kooo!!(T_T)

jeLai said...

oh God! i forgot to greet my mom..wen nga uli ung mother's day?

amiable amy said...

interesting Ces...good to know these things

Glenda said...

thats exactly my boyfriend and i's gift for our moms... salon/spa. =) i'm sure they'll love it!


An Asian Traveler said...

Advance Happy Mother's day!

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kittykat said...

Advance Happy Mother's Day Mommy Ces!..

chubskulit said...

Advance happy Mother's Day ate!


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