Monday, April 20, 2009

Lessons in Life

Posted by Cecile at Monday, April 20, 2009
Attending my grandmother's funeral taught me a lot of lessons in life.

First: I learned that we need to save for our future including money for our funeral and related stuffs. If we failed to do it, our loved one will not only grieve for their lost, but also will suffer stress because of the financial responsibilities we left them such as payment for burial, unpaid debt and so forth.

Second: we need to hold a reunion while our folks are still alive. We do not want to have the reunion done only after they die.

Third: what is done, can never be undone. So, before you say something, think it ten times or you might regret what you've said.

Four: if you want to say something to certain person, say it directly to her/him.

Fifth: gossip, don't pass it on!

These are lessons in life that we sometimes forget or neglect to do. Let us not forget these things, for by so doing...our life's challenges would be very much easier to handle. Don't you agree?


Maus said...

i agree with you ate ces!
makidaan po

Mom of Four said...

That's very true ate Ces, "Reunion" is best done, while everybody is alive, di yung kung kelanlang may namatay,wahhh!

At "ave for the future" ay tulili din yan..

Daming lesson na matututunan after the fact that it can never be undone. We learned from our mistakes di ba? yun ang totoo dun, but there is always room for a change.

iss yah and love you!!!

chubskulit said...

I absolutely agree with you Ate... Sa atin sa pinas, bihira ang nakakagawa ng #1..

Umma said...

Very well said Ces..I agree to all the info that you wrote.

I guess, I need to take precaution na sad about it.. since I already experience how to lose a love one.

Clarissa said...

Thanks for sharing,it' s really an eye opener.

ruby said...

its true gyud in pinas,


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