Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quiz: What's Your Discipline Style?

Posted by Cecile at Thursday, June 25, 2009
I took this test from American and this the result:

You're a Moderate Mom

You pay attention to the parenting books -- and you cut your kids some much-needed slack when necessary. Here are some ways to encourage even better behavior. 1. Let them help. Little kids are more likely to be cooperative when they feel as if they're part of the game. If your toddler is underfoot while you're preparing dinner, have him fold some napkins and place them on the table. 2. Foster empathy. A child who understands that others have feelings similar to his own will learn to treat people the way he wants to be treated. If a sibling has a cold, you could say, "Emily feels bad because she has a cold. What can we do to make her feel better?" 3. Be kind. Kids copy everything you do, and they want to be just like you. Small acts of kindness -- an extra smile for the mailman, or holding the door for someone -- will inspire your child to do the same.

If you want to try this test, just click here.


shydub said...

Thanks for sharing this ces. informative test though. Ako ani ambot kung maminaw ba ni akong jake puhon, nga mo katawa ra mn ni abi niya nakig duwa mi niya. hehehe na labwan lage ako ka pating ani ako anak oi hehehe. musta nman imu jake, naa na siya playmates dha? hugs and kisses to your jake and Happy fathers day imu banana

Anonymous said...


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Race said...

thanks for sharing ces! I also took this test and we have the same results. here's mine

Clarissa said...

hhmmm...thanks for the links--I'll try the test.


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