Friday, April 9, 2010

Mommy Moments: Jake's Fave Shoes!

Posted by Cecile at Friday, April 09, 2010
mommy moments

Here is my share for this week's Mommy Moments: Shoes!

This is Jake's latest favorite pair of shoes. It is sold at Wal-Mart... one of the "How to Train a Dragon" special promo stuffs.

This one is a second hand snickers I bought at yard sale a couple of years ago...his second fave.

His summer time sandal we bought at Nike store...he loves it, too!

And last but not the least...the skechers I bought a year ago when I went to the Philippines last year. I never thought that it would be expensive to buy shoes there than here. I bought this for $55 there...and found one...$15 cheaper here....bummer!


By MelCole of PA said...

I like shopping to second stores when it comes to my little guy's stuff too. Lots of consignment shops here. Nice shoes! We're watching the How to train your dragon movie this afternoon :) Happy MM!

Ken said...

You're teaching your kid to like Imelda :-). It's ok. We have that Imelda gene in all of us, I think.

shydub said...

I like that nike sandal ces. liit pla ng shoes ni jake mo ano.

chubskulit said...

Love jake's shoes ate, mamang mama hehehe..

Dhemz said...

pahiram ng summer time na sandal jake...ehehhehe!

Chris said...

the first pair looks great! i love it!


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