Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MM: Grocery Shopping

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, August 04, 2010
mommy moments

Here is my late entry for this week's Mommy Moments. Though it's late I still want to post this one :-). We do grocery shopping at least once a week; but when we forgot something we have no choice but go back at the store to do some more shopping which I am not happy with because we tend to spend more than we're supposed to. Anyway, I don't really take picture of my son when we go shopping, so here is the only moment I took during one of the grocery days we had.

At Walmart with Daddy....
and I was taking a picture of Jake playing a cop shooing his gun at me :-) while Daddy was looking for some ready to eat dinner at the deli section of the store.


Mama Ko said...

Cute kaayo ang birthday boy uy, unsa mna iya sign ces mura ug gun? hehe I soo love Jake's smile

Umma said...

Jake is already a big boy... love his smiles.

BTW, finished na nako tulo ka badge Ces.. can you send me an email sa contact form nako sa Bon Vivant so I will know your email and I can send the codes para copy paste ka na lang sa sidebar nimo.

Also, this Friday pa nako ma-draw ang winner sa Coach contest kay busy pa me resorting entrants. Good luck :)

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....he is so playful...kakatuwa tingnan ni cute!


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