Friday, November 11, 2011

MM: J's Extra Curricular Activity

Posted by Cecile at Friday, November 11, 2011
Two weeks ago, we registered J to a basketball practice. We were surprised how much he likes the game. He is now learning some of the important moves in playing basketball. We hope he would continue to play for fun and not just for winning. Hubby and I decided that it is time for him to participate in sports so he would have more fun that going to school and home every school days. Plus, he needs some exercise, too!

Now, here is the photo I took on the first day of their practice. Some of the moves are harder than it looks and so he complains every once in awhile :-); but we keep encouraging him to practice often so he would get a hang of it....then later on it will be easier for him to make those necessary movements.

mommy moments


tatess said...

extra curricular activies is what they need to be more active .my eldest never like basket ball and baseball .now he is into golf .

Chris said...

i think with boys, they need more extra curricular activities... ;) thanks for joining mommy moments!

MaiThreeBoyz said...

I'm sure he'll get all the moves in time. Hope he gets an MVP award someday! :)


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