Saturday, May 17, 2008

a visit from a family...

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, May 17, 2008
Last week, my brother in -law, Jesse and his son, Cody came by for a short visit. They live three hours away from us; so we don't get to see each other often, and when we do, the kids get so excited that they wouldn't want to stop playing together. Anyway, so Jacob and Cody played together as if they will never see each other again. They didn't get tired and never go for a nap that day. They were both exhausted and went back to sleep than they normally do that night.. And so because of that, my son, Jacob was over stimulated that he got a nightmare that awakened him up three times crying for half an hour every time. At first, it was fine with us to assure him that it was ok and that was not real; but boy, after that, it became frustrating that I couldn't bear to hear him crying inconsolably, so I decided to go to the guest room and sleep there. I basically ignored him, and let my husband deal with it. We all have a very long night. In the morning, he acted normal as if it didn't happen. Then, everything went well after that every night. Yeah, I know what you'll think, and I know I still need a lot of patience so I can deal with him as he grows up. I love him, just one of those days that I can't deal with my weakness. I still need a lot of improvement so I can be a good parent and example with him; and I always pray to Heavenly Father for help to achieve that.



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