Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Jobs for Kids

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, July 25, 2009
One of the best ways to teach your children the value of a dollar is to let them earn one. A lawn-care service is great, but what do they do after summer is over? Read over these suggestions with your kids to give them ideas for earning extra income all year round.

1. Clean Barbecues

Use a grill brush to scrape off debris and grimy build-up. There are many different grill brushes, so be sure to select one that is suited to the surface you will be cleaning. When you are finished cleaning the inside of the barbecue, polish the outside and replace any briquettes that have cracked or are collecting grease.

2. Wash Cars Inside and Out

Go beyond a regular street corner car wash. Advertise that you can give the cars a fine, detailed cleaning. Pay close attention to windows. Wash and dry the inside and outside of each one carefully, leaving them sparkling and streak free. Dust the dashboard and control panel. Use disinfecting wipes to clean the door handles, armrests, and the steering wheel. Vacuum the floors and seats thoroughly.

3. Start a Lawn Care Business

A lot of kids want to mow lawns for money in the summer, so you need to make your services stand out. Include edging and trimming services in addition to mowing the lawn. Start at one corner of the yard and pay attention to keeping your lines parallel and straight to create a professional, diagonal stripe in the lawn.

4. Host a Story Hour

Organize a neighborhood story hour once or twice a week. For a reasonable fee, parents could send their children to your home to listen as you read a new book aloud. You might also consider putting on puppet shows or short plays.

Source: LDS Living Magazine



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