Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mommy Moments: New Year's Lists

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, January 09, 2010
mommy moments

First of all, I'd like to post "Something New" which I haven't done last week. My son got a new camping tent with a fish pillow and new transformer "autobot"; and I got a new haircut!

And now, here are our lists which we hope to accomplish for year 2010...

Spiritual Goals:
~ Attend church service every Sunday
~ Read Bible and Book of Mormon as a family (once a week at least)/individual(once a day)
~ Pray as family/individual at least three times a day.
~ Do Family Home Evening once a week (Monday Evening).
~ Magnify church and family callings.

Health Goals:
~ Lose Weight and be healthy.
~ Follow doctors advice (hubby and I are bad on taking our meds. on time)
~ Continue on keeping our doctor's appointment and never miss it.

Family and recreational Goals/Activities:
~ Once a year visit with my in-laws.
~ A Summer vacation in Utah.
~ A weekend getaway at Corpus Christi, TX
~ A trip to Sea World, San Antonio, TX and The Alamo
~ Consistent playdates with Jake
~ Prepare Jake for coming school year where he would be a first grader (how exciting).

Financial Goals:
~ Spend less than what we earn.
~ Avoid buying on an impulse.
~ Lessen our eating out into once a week.
~ Continue buying what we need and save for what we want.
~ Save for our trip to the Philippines ( God Willing).
~ Be smart when it comes to buying a house.
~ Start saving for Jake's education.
~ Of course, manage our money and resources wisely.


Clarissa said...

I wish you can fulfill your goals for 2010,Ate Ces.I'm hoping to lose weight this year,too!^_^

Chris said...

may your goals be achieved this 2010! :D

imelda said...

be positive all of these will be realized cecille. missed it here sis.

chubskulit said...

I so agree with you on the finacial goals ate, ganyan din kami this year.

Happy birthday kay loving hubby mo ate!

Mama Ko said...

I like your list tsang very organizeand specific. Wish you guys could accomplish all that in this year 2010. Sana may pics of the new hair cut and the tent hehehehe.

Mom of Four said...

Daming list ate Cecile, I hope matupad lahat yan. ako rin medyo bad when it comes to tkaing my meds on time, lagi akong nag mi miss, hay naku..saka financially, I really do have to watch my spending. Need naming makabayad ng mga utang, wahhhh!


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