Friday, February 18, 2011

MM: Valentine's Day 2011

Posted by Cecile at Friday, February 18, 2011
Unfortunately, hubby was sicked on Valentine's Day and so we didn't go anywhere. We just stayed home and enjoyed the dinner I made for us. He requested his fave foods which is Spaghetti with Meatballs (no spaghetti noodles so I used the wagon wheel noodles instead, lol), prepared some salad, too and garlic bread. In fairness, he did buy me gift two days prior to that and I was very pleased.

The 2 cards on the sides were from hubby and Jacob. The one in the middle was from me to hubby :-); they didn't buy me cards this time for they opted to make one for me. I love it when the card is handmaid and the messages are written from the heart! He was really sicked when he wrote the letter that is why he misspelled few words. Who cares! All I know is that he wrote the letter out of love....and was even better than a store bought VD card. Thank you so much, Honey!

It was a very touching letter and my eyes were teary as I read it.

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Jadeingua - 01.20.11 said...

The cards are so sweet!

Happy MM!

Tetcha said...

I had to click the image of your hubby's Valentine card so I could read everything he said that made you cry, and boy, I was really touched! You are loved dearly by the two men in your life, and you're so lucky to have them! Belated Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Cookie said...

Ces, wow! your hubby's message for you was awesome. i really zoom it to read it all. and I'm so touched, as in uros2x jud iyang gugma sa imo :-)
Lucky to have such a hubby like him and I wish you both happiness and forever in love. Happy MM!

my MM entry is here:

chubskulit said...

Your men are so sweet ate Ces, you are lucky and blessed!

Our Valentine's 2011

DadEngrMommmyLES said...

that is so sweet..i am sure hubby wrote it from the bottom of his heart. visiting for mommy moments.

sHeNgKaY said...

your two boys are so sweet!

happy vday!

Clarissa said...

awww...the message is very touching!I haven't received cards from my husband,di kasi uso ang bigayan ng cards dito(T_T)

Happy MM!

simply kim said...

the gesture itself is touching enough..

Chris said...

being together is what valentine's is all about


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