Friday, February 4, 2011

Playing With Snow

Posted by Cecile at Friday, February 04, 2011
Here we are playing with the snow. Jacob wanted to make a snowman but the snow doesn't stick together and so what we did was play a snowball fight, and walked around the neighborhood. Good thing the temperature has gone up a little bit. I even saw the sun setting while sitting in front of my computer. Hubby took these pictures in front of our house.

...just me posing for a remembrance :-).
More snow...
Talking with our neighbor, Jim who was shoveling snow.
Back of our house where we first played before going on the front yard.
Jake and I strikes a pose :-).
Hubby trying to make a snowman for Jake, but to no avail :-(.
My little guy making a snow angel.
Me is so seldom that I get into the pictures for I always end up being the photographer :-)!


Cookie said...

Beautiful pictures Ces. Asa na gani mo ron? diba ng relocate namo?
Sus oi, wa jud tawon ko kakita ug snow when I went to US 7years ago. Niuli mn gud ko during fall season. Didto ko ng stay sa Illinois. I hope makabalik pako kay hapit na raba mo expire akong visa and hope makakita nako ug snow, for remembrance lang gud, hehe =)

Mommy Liz said...

Ang dami ngang snow ah! buti dyan patag ang yard nyo, dito kasi sa amin pataas pababa, ehehhe.. pero maganda mag sledding. More snow????

My-Alter-Ego said...

hi ate ces... it has been a long time... musta na?

snow day! wishing that someday maka experience ako nyan :-)

shengy said...

nice family bonding

weddingdressesanglew said...

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