Monday, August 22, 2011

Jacob's First Day of School

Posted by Cecile at Monday, August 22, 2011
Today was my son's first day of school. He is a 2nd grader now; how time flies. I miss my baby so much. He is growing like a seed and before I know it he would be leaving us for college :-(. Anyway, he was very excited on going back to school. He woke up early and prepared himself well. He was even looking for food to eat for his breakfast when hubby and I woke up! I still couldn't believe how excited he was! It was like the opposite of his feelings last year. When he got home from school this afternoon, he told us how much fun he had meeting his new classmates and teacher. I am so proud of my son. O i love you, Anak for making us proud parents!

At home before leaving for school. See what I mean?

Outside while waiting for Daddy.With Daddy walking him off to school :-)!



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