Monday, June 30, 2008

Our weekend activities...

Posted by Cecile at Monday, June 30, 2008
My son and I woke up early today because we have a lot of things to do. First, we went to a farmers market here in Ashland. They do it every Saturday so we decided to go. And so we went. I was disappointed to see it for the first time. There were not a lot of farmers and the fruits and veggies were both too pricy and surprisingly, most of them were selling flower plants! Was that a kind of joke or what? Oh well, now I learned my lesson that you can not expect things the way you imagine it to be. I bought eggplant, dill, garlic and potatoes, anyway, just to save me from driving to Wal Mart ; it was not on my plan. Then, we dropped by at the Post Office and bought some one cent stamps. The next destination? Mall, we went to the mall, and glad we did. There were a lot of things to do there for the kids esp. on top of the Play place, there was this stall and they were taking kids to become member of the Kidgots. I really like it for the reason that Jacob can do better things while at mall than shopping and eating. I got Jacob a membership for only five bucks! Yes, it is a one year membership with free t-shirts, stickers, crayons, apron and pot holder (for him especially), games which he will win no matter what, snacks and a ticket drawing. We both enjoyed that trip to the mall. Of course we did some shopping, ate lunch there and have this free ice cream sandwich at the food court and a milk, too, yes it was free again. Then, there was a health awareness that was going on from a milk company; they gave people a small glass of milk and then you drink it; then after that you can have a picture be taken if you want to while you have still a moustache from the milk, boy it was really a fun experienced for me and Jacob. He really liked it there that he keeps telling me that he wants to go to the mall again, which we will every other Saturday, it is going to be on our calendar! We stopped at Good Will on the way home to see if I can find shoes and short for Jacob, which we didn't find anything.


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