Saturday, March 28, 2009

Early Spring Activities

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, March 28, 2009
The weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer and it's time to get outdoors again and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Try some of these activities for a day of good, old-fashioned spring time fun.

1. Go fly a kite! March winds make this activity perfect. Find a kite that is bowed so that wind can spill evenly over the two sides of the kite; flat kites tend to be unstable, and we've found that cheap kites are most often the ones that work best.

2. Enjoy some swings. Few things make you feel more alive than a gust of wind in the face, and if you teach your kids proper swinging technique (push legs out when going forward, pull them in when going back), they will enjoy hours of fun without you having to push each of them!

3. Plant some pansies - the signature flower of spring. Find a sunny location with rich soil and good drainage, dig a hole deep enough for the soil and roots (holes should be 6-10 inches apart), and help your children place the pansies in their holes. For other ideas of how to garden with children, visit


Bogie said...

hello there friend. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your love ones! Bless your heart!

Clarissa said...

Welcome to Spring!!!\(^0^)/

Dhemz said...

wheeeww...may fave season of the year...ssssssssppppppppprriiiiiinnnggg! pansies te...samot na nga lain lain ang iya mga colors...hehhehe...I have them in my backyard...:)

unsa imo mga tanom dha teCes? lagi no..kami sad excited nasad sa winter kay naa mi tournament ni hubby...hehhehe....badminto!

Maus said...

miss ko na ang araw talaga ate sis kaya pag spring kahit may allergy ako ok lng basta may araw hehe
okey naman po ang mga babies ko minsan malikot sa tummy minsan silent.

Mom of Four said...

dito paiba iba ang weather eh, kaya nga nagkakasakit na kaming lahat. di ako makakapag tanim this time, kasi baka mamatay lang, at maglilipat kami pag balik namin sa July. Dun na ako mag garden sa Alabama, may spot dun para sa mga garden. Sana nga ma approve na ang loan ni Rodney..

nisha said...

I loved reading the contents of your blog :-).. looks like no matter if you and the kids were alone, no other family, yet you all had a great time on the beach

Nice spring tips, too.. i love this season and gardening too :-)

I'm adding you to my blog roll so please add me, i'll always appreciate it.

Love to the kids :-)


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