Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Was Born to Serve!

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, March 18, 2009
I like the result of Dr. Phil's Personality Quiz. It is so me! I believe that everyone is a "hero" in his/her own way! Don't you think?

Now, we are not talking about becoming a super hero... but you were born to help others and put others in front of your needs. You are caring and that is your biggest strength. You will do really well in fields where you have to help others, like a social worker or a doctor... the options are many!


Northwest Minuteman said...

This is very interesting!!
LDS view

faye said...

hello ateces
happy birhtday to you
more health and wealth plus happiness!

amiable amy said...

thumbs up Ces... i believe you are one

oyyy, unsa nia? birthday nimo? oyy today? happy birthday diha oyy

shydub said...

Hi cecile Happy happy happy birthday, may all your wishes come true. Wish you the best of everything in this world. godbless!

Clarissa said...

Hope your birthday ROCKS!!Happy Birthday,Ate Ces!!\(^0^)/

charisse said...

Hello happy birthday to you!

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