Friday, March 20, 2009

Gifts from a Very Good Friend, Dhemz

Posted by Cecile at Friday, March 20, 2009
We met through blogging almost a year ago, and just like her, I never thought we would be as close as a sister. We are both the only girl in our family and I think that was one of the reason why we "click" you guys know what I mean. She is sweet, friendly, nice, pretty and very thoughtful. Thanks, Dhemz. I sure appreciate the friendship we have. Stay what and who you are...for that is the "best"!

She surprised me with a birthday post in her blog and these package: the bell from state of California (she knew I am collecting bells from every states I have been to), a birthday card and a very nice blouse that fits perfectly. Isn't she generous also?


amiable amy said...

very generous indeed Ces, she is one of a kind friend really

we are so lucky to have her as a friend diba?

Dhemz said...

woi..hehhe...maulaw man sad ta ani...very touch man sad ko sa imo te...makaluha luha man sad ta ani just lucky to have met a person like you TCes....:) thanks for sharing it TCes...salamat jud!

Hazelicious929 said...

wow! nice naman talaga si inday Dhemcy hehehe... that's a sweet thought

Madz said...

wow, bait nman ni dangz Dhemz... uy nag comment bya ko sa post re your birthday sa blog niya... nabasa nimo te?

Belated diay ha... mwah mwah wamh

REDGE said...

hello dear.. am i so late to greet you.. belated happy bday anyway! you really deserve to have wonderful and thoughtful friends 'coz ur so kindhearted. God bless!

Clarissa said...

awww!!that's so sweet of Mommy Dhemz!!Nice gifts you have received from her!!
Happy Birthday,Ate Ces!^_^

kittykat said...

huhuhu..sorry Mommy Ces ha nalate ako pag greet sayo..

I agree si Inday Dhemz is one of the sweetest friend I met here..Kaya nga friend ko yan..

grace said...

Belated Happy birdi...hehehehehe


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