Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls Talk: I LOVE ME!

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My first time to join Niko's Meme...and I am excited. This is Fun!
For this week’s theme of Girls Talk we have to answer this simple question...

Why you love being a girl?

Here's my entry...

1. I love being me... a Mom ( who loves unconditionally).
2. Being a friend and confidant (friends put their trust in me for I can keep secrets).
3. Despite on my mood swings (blame it on monthly PMS), I am loved, understood and forgiven by the Man of my life always.
4. Being pampered by my husband with everything that makes me happy.
5. Being a patient me...and because of it, God always blesses me with what I need (health, family, and happiness).
6. I can nag my husband...that is one way I get what I want!
7. I can melt hubby's heart when I cry...he cries, too!


nuts said...

i like your # 6 & 7.. :p

Dee said...

Oh yes, that's true! Being a mom is one of the best things about being a girl. :) And your #10 touched me - that's so sweet. :)

nikogirl said...

that is quiet a revelation! matt cries when he sees you crying ces?? weeeee he's so gentle tlga.. he looks so kind naman kasi tlga :)

and u dont look like you nag!! parang di bagay :) parang ako bagay na bagay mag NAG eh hehehe

love ur answers.. thanks for joining ha.. see you next week!! :)

hugs and kisses

kikamz said...

pareho tayo ate ces. hubby can't stand seeing me cry. he hurts more to see me in tears. ain't our hubbies sweet? hehe!

Genejosh said...

I did no.7 before but my bf (my hubby now) didn't cry...he..he...thanks for the visit here:

amiable amy said...

hi Ces, may nalang naka visit ko diri, nakadumdum ko hehehe...

every item is soooo YOU hehehe, its nice being a girl jud noh?

thanks for the visit Ces, i am okay girl, dili lang kaayo ka comment...gadali pirmi, hehehe....trying to catch up jud

work ko unya after pako karon taud taud

see yah

Genejosh said...

added you too sis sa blog ko..see u nxt time sa Girls Talk!

kAyE said...

tama yung last. galing ng powers ng tears nating mga babae no? very convincing! hehe.

btw, here's mine:

Summer said...

Love the # 6 haha. You are lucky to have a loving husband. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Tetcha said...

I love this answer: "I can nag my husband." I'm doing that, too, most of the time. Hehe!

Clarissa said...

Being a nagger and a softie--I love me,too!!\(^0^)/

Dhemz said...

hhaaha...I can nag at hubby all the time too teCes.....hehhehehe.....:) bitaw woi, pampered ka man kaau ni banana mo sweet....:)

kakatouch naman na hubby cries when he sees you crying....:)

Chie Wilks said...

awesome answers...esp. number 4 and number 6 and 7 hehehe thumbs up ate Cel

i posted mine too at


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