Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Down, Three More to Go!

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Got up early today to prepare myself and my son for school and hospital. I am glad my son didn't give me hard time for his morning shower and breakfast. That means he is getting use to his daily routine before going to school. Anyway, another day of iron infusion is over, whew!.. three more to go :-). Hope everything went well will the lab work this morning. Sandy should be calling any minute now for the results; one thing I didn't like is that I gained extra pounds! I better start working out again otherwise there will be no changes will happen with my health issue. Diet and medicine alone is not enough!


shydub said...

Gosh, ka pait d i aning infusion ces no, ang dagum ana sa. kapoy sd jd ning magmaintain ug mga ingon ana oi. Hope everything went well sa result and everything. You need more rest and sleep jd. Silingan pa lng ta kuyogan tika exercise ky na dagko na akong fats oi, kakapyotan na. You take care ces and godbless

Cens World said...

Hello there Cecille,

hope you dont mind me asking, consultation ba ang dropping by mo sa hospital. well, in no time, matatapos mo din ang 3 pang natitira. Take care of your health. That is all we have. Personally, i am learning that the hard way.

Take care always

ruby said...

I hope everything will be fine te ces!! ingatzz


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