Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Mayhem: I Spy something Too Much!

Posted by Cecile at Monday, November 09, 2009
It's Monday once again and here is my entry for this week's Monday Mayhem hosted by Harriet.

For each of the prompts, you may answer with an image, a sentence or however you want to.
Simply copy and paste this into a post on your site and answer the I Spy's.
Be sure to list your a direct link to your post.

Today's meme- I Spy.

I Spy something......

I Spy something......

I Spy something Stupid.

I Spy something......
too much.

I Spy something......
I'd like to do.

I Spy something......
I'd like to visit.

I Spy something......

I Spy something......
I would rather do than work.

Thanks for playing Monday Mayhem...see you next week!


nancy said...

hahaha! this meme is so fun! nahimuot ko sa something too much :D

shydub said...

Nalingaw ko sa imung I spy ces, I like this meme. grabeha sd sa mata oi.


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