Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank God, We Didn't Get Hurt!

Posted by Cecile at Friday, November 20, 2009
Tonight, after dinner, I decided to take some Bilo Bilo to Ate Delia. Before we go, I phoned her first to tell we are coming. She said it is raining, don't go because she doesn't want us to get sick, but I insisted that it's okay and that the rain stopped already. She said, go ahead but make sure you bring umbrella with you...and so I did. Our apartment is less than 10 minutes away from her house, so I wasn't in a hurry. When I was approaching the major intersection, the lights were green, that means nobody will turn left. In the middle of nowhere this guy decided to turn left and crash on us! I didn't even see him coming. All I know is that all of a sudden there was this loud screech sound of tires and then crashing and pushing us all the way to the curve. Our van's tire brook and I couldn't move it. The first thing I did was check my son because he was crying. Thank God he didn't get hurt; he was just scared! I was shocked and scared, too! Grabe nanginginig talaga ko sa takot. When I found out that my son is okay, I immediately called my husband's Cellphone, but for whatever reason, it wasn't receiving any call. Then, I called 911 to report the accident. By the way, the police station is very close to where the accident happened and responded right away. Another good thing happened, a guy happened to see the whole thing; he was behind the guy who hit us and testified that it wasn't my fault, but the other car instead. Oh my, what a relief! I was grateful for he man; sad to say, forgot to ask for his name because of the whole thing, I just wished I got his name and number to thank him. I really didn't know what to do! Thanks to the police officer who helped us the whole time. Both cars were towed and the same police officer drove us home. Even though it wasn't my fault, I should have listened to Ate Delia when she told me not to go. Oh well, I learned my lesson well again. I believe that God used her to warn me. We are home now, well go get our stuff left in the van tomorrow morning. Oh, finally I got hold of hubby who is at work and told him about the accident; fifteen minutes later, there he is knocking on the door just want to make sure we are fine. I just feel so lucky and blessed that God is always there to protect us. Accident happens no matter how careful we are...there is always someone who is not patient enough to wait for his turn.


♥Willa♥ said...

God send that unnamed man to help you,at least there's someone who saw everything. Buti na lang at ok kayo, grabeh nakakatakot talaga, ang hirap kasi we try to do our best to be the most disciplined driver we can be because we are thinking of our kids, but there's always someone,somewhere na parang no care at all if they hurt someone.

ShY said...

Oh my gosh, that is a scary experiece ces. Im glad you and Jake are okay. You better console Jake baka natatakot pa yan at ikaw rin ces. Dito pa naman, mga pulis hindi pinaniniwalaan kaagad ang mga pinoy driver for whatever reason. My fried had the same experience ces, pero ang pulis insisted that it was her faulth. Thank God my nakakita rin sa nangyari.

Sana okay na kayo ni Jake, kung ako yun, my gosh hindi ko siguro alam ang gagawin. Kumusta na ang car ninyo ces, okay lng ba? Ako ang kinakabahan sa nangyayari. Thank God you are okay and no one get hurt. Well, lesson number 2 yata yan for this week lng ahh daming not nice na nangyari lately diyan sayo. Take care and take care hehehe. hope all is well.

Seiko said...

Hi!My first time here.Thanks for the visit & left some words as you go.Accident happens all the time & it's difficult to avoid kahit sabihin pa na tama ka may mga wreckless driver pa rin naman.Thanks God nothing really bad happened except for that your son's seems afraid & trembled.Siguro nga God sent you instrument & warning on not to go.You're Blessed for He always has He's own way on how to protect you & your family.
Happy Sunday & God Bless!:D

Dhemz said...

oh my goodness....ok naman kaha mo diha ni jake te? hope d makag truma si jake....

hala woi makuyawan man sad ta sa imong na experience teCes....the good thing nobody get hurts.....thanks to God....take care....mwah!

Glenda said...

Oh my, thank God talaga ate that you guys are okay. If ang hit sa inyo ay malakas... mag pa check up din kayo ng son mo just to make sure na walang effect yung pagkabangga.

Sometimes kasi late ang reaction ng katawan natin dahil sa takot. Hopefully nothing serious talaga. But just letting you know para sure lang lalo na sa baby mo po. =)

Anyway, ingat kayo ate... I'll be praying for you always. God Bless!


Cacai M. said...

OMG! am glad you're okay now Te Ces though the car isn't.. thanks talaga sa mga honest people tulad na'ng nkakita Te Ces or else mas problema pah if wlang nkakita.. I hope all will be taken cared of.. hugs

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ruby said...

oh my kahadlok,sukad nga naka bangga ko ug side mirror wla najudko nag drive ..

Clarissa said...

OMG!!Buti na lang at ok kayo at walang napahamak.Kawawa naman si Jake sa na-expreience nya.


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