Thursday, February 18, 2010

Any Idea Why Jacob Was Crying?

Posted by Cecile at Thursday, February 18, 2010
One night before going to bed, my son and I decided to play Zingo. This is like a Bingo game only instead of numbers, it is a picture/drawing that you put into your card. Jacob loves this game which was a gift from his Aunt (Kristin) for Christmas. This is an enjoyable game a family could play for during family night or any time you feel like playing. It helps bond us as a family and teaches kid of sportsmanship. Anyway, The first game was won by me and he was fine with that, but when I won the next game, he started crying! Yup, we do need the same thing to win, but unfortunately, he lost it and here is the result. My husband told me that I was mean because I didn't let Jacob win! He told me he always lets Jacob wins. Was I really mean or what!?

I took the liberty of taking pictures of him crying since the camera was within my reach :-); I just thought it was funny, lol! I didn't expect him to cry, really! Have you, guys had the same moment with your kid/s? Come share it with us!


Mama Ko said...

Mommy naman, patalo ka kaya lol. Kalingaw ninyo oi imu mn pahilak ang gwapo ces. awwwww tahan na Jake panalo ka na.

♥Willa♥ said...

ha ha ha, funny ni Jacob!
Actually I don't have that moment with any of my boys yet,I always let them win but husband on the other hand,being so competetive doesn't care, if he's playing, he's playing serious and he always want to win! LOL!

Anonymous said...


Boys that age are really competitive. My son cries or walks out on our games if he loses so I began to "not let him win" because I want to experience "not winning" so he can deal with that emotion. True enough, when he began playing with our neighbors boys, he didn't win at once. So there. But sometimes, I still let him win, instinct I guess? But my hubby no, he wants them to play as is. :)

Mommy Liz said...

Ate Cecile, the kids need to learn the reality of life. When my kids play and they cry when they lose, we tell them it's part of life. Di pwedeng lagi silang panalo, they have to accept the fact na natatalo rin sila. I don't believe in let them win all the time. Kasi, if we let them win all the time, they can't learn the importance of sportsmanship. We tell them that, next time, they can also win if they did better. They need to feel how to lose and how to win.

Chie Wilks said...

oh...he is so so cute ate sis..kahit umiiyak...wawa naman talo ni mommy hehehe


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