Friday, February 12, 2010

Mommy Moments: Message of Love

Posted by Cecile at Friday, February 12, 2010
mommy moments

I have missed MM twice and now, I am glad to be back again :-). This week theme is about "Message of Love" and I would like to have my share here...I am a woman of few words, I would rather express my love to my husband and loved ones in words, and or through hugs and kisses. My husband is the same while our son is very expressive of his love toward us both in words and actions. He constantly give me hugs and kisses without being asked. Just like this afternoon, he gave me hugs and kisses while I was blogging and he was sitting next to me watching TV. And just before he went to bed, he gave me this drawing saying he loves me, Daddy and Teddy.

And here a picture of us taken this morning right after we played a snowballs fight outside :-). He was telling me how thankful he was for letting him play outside even though it is cold and he was coughing. On the other hand, I express my love to hubby by saying I love you every time we go to bed and before he goes to work. I also made him his fave foods and shows my support when he needs it the most.


Chris said...

glad you joined us again this week! happy hearts day to you and your family!

see you again next week!

Tetcha said...

Jake's really sweet! I'm so in awe of families who are not hesitant to show their love to the people closest to them. Yours is one loving family. Happy Mommy Moments!

chubskulit said...

Wow talented talaga si Jake, love the photos ate. Hope you are having a greAT Val Celebration.


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