Sunday, January 4, 2009

Make Free Calls Anywhere in America!

Posted by Cecile at Sunday, January 04, 2009

As the economy continue to meltdown, it makes it harder for the people to live the life they want to live as well as doing they need to be doing. For example, buying gifts for the holiday and keeping in touch with their loved ones, even friends who lives away from them. I for one live miles and miles away from my parents and siblings and I can attest of how other feels of being away and not being able to even talk to their family over the phone. Those of you who are in the same boat will agree with what I said here. It is good to know that there is a company who will make you talk to your far away family and friends free! Yes, you read it right! By Going to you can make free calls to any landline or mobile phone in the country. You can use computer microphones or speaker/headsets to make completely web-basedcalls-no downloads or additional technology required. The completely Web-based offering is launching just in time to help friends and families save money while staying in touch during the holidays. With which is the first completely ad-supported VoIP calling network, anyone with a broadband connection is just a mouse click away from communicating with anyone throughout the entire country. They are happy to be able to provide a no-cost way to keep in touch during the holidays and beyond. For more information, you can their website at You can even take a look at the NY Times Article:



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