Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolution Tag

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, January 03, 2009
This tag was given to me by Amiable Amy; thanks a lot , dear! I am going to post it to my “Life is Good and Beautiful blog, dear; hope you won't mind :-). Will try to be creative as much as I could, just like what you did on your post!

Here they are:1.) Lessen the time spend in front of the computer2.) Stop Procrastinating

3.) Get back to exercising again

4.) Eat more healthy5.) Get back to reading books again

6.) Visit my family in the Philippines 7.) Shop clothes and shoes less

8.) Retire to bed early and get up early as well

9.) Be more patient like my son

10.) Get a real job
11.) Take time to meditate

12.) Achieve goals (spiritual and temporal)

The Rules: Once you’ve been tagged by someone, share your list (on your blog) of 12 top list New Year's Resolutions and then tag up to 12 other people who will then post their own lists.

I am now passing it to those who set goals and try achieving them by setting New Years Resolution: Dhemz, Rose, Umma, Faye, Lou, Maybel, Juliana, Madz , Bogie, Nancy, BenchieGrace, Iceah, Fhaye and Mye. And all my friends listed on my blogroll. Grab it guys if you feel like sharing your resolution!


Imelda said...

creative images u have here to enhance your did u do it sis?

Happy three kings, sis!

Cecile said...

i just googled those keywords from my new years resolutions dear :-)

have great week ahead dear :-)

and belated happy three kings, too!

Dhemz said...

nako halos lahat ng new years resolution mo dito te ganon din sakin...hay buhay...ganito kasi mangyayari pag addict tayo sa blogging...hehhehe!

Cecile said...

oo nga dhemz, kaka konsiya anoh? hehehe, let's try to do our best this year!

amiable amy said...

cecile, very creative you will shop less with clothes and shoes?hahaha...d ko ata kaya yan...hahaha

But, that is why resolutions are made nga naman. Goodluck and thanks for posting. I am so happy.

chubskulit said...

hello ate, ask ko lang san ka kumuha ng mga graphics hehehe

chubskulit said...

salamat pala for tagging me, will do it soon....

Madz said...

Hi te Ces, thanks for this award... will grab this now.. hehehe dami ko awards to post today!

Dami, it reminds me of my high school days, na we were always required to submit a piece of paper with long long list of New Year's Resolution.. hahahah

Thanks a lot... mwah mwah mwah

iceah said...

wow dami kna tag from you c: so happy to do this when I'd find time salamat mare c: wow bisaya ka din pla ngayon ko rin lang nalaman nung binisaya moko c:

Cecile said...

nakahibalo ko magsulti ug bisisaya :-) Iceah, so dili ko mabaligya hehehe

take your time dear to grab the award, you deserve it too!

Cecile said...

Rose, got them (graphics) from google :-); try it!

Cecile said...

me, too Madz :-)

we are rich with tags and awards na!


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