Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A to Z Tag

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Would like to thanks, Dhemz for this cute tag :-). Thanks, dear for including me again. I love receiving tag especially if it doesn't require digging old photos :-)!

A - Attached or Single? - Married
B - Best Friend? - Can't count with my fingers :-)
C - Cake or pie? - Pies
D - Day of choice? - Sunday
E - Essential item? - No other than, my Laptop :-)

F - Favorite Color? - Purple/Lavender
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - Gummy Bears
H - Hometown? - Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija
I - Indulgence? - My husband and son
J - June or July? - July, that was the month my son was born!
K - Kids ?- Yup! Got a precious 4 year old boy!
L - Life is not complete w/o - My Family
M - Marriage date? - September 21, 2001
N - Number of magazine subscriptions – I only have 2
O - Orange or apple? - Orange
P - Phobias? - Dog, was bitten once!
Q - Quotes? - “When God speaks and Man obeys, that Man will always be right.”
R - Reason to smile? -My family
S - Season of choice? - Summer
T - Tag people – Danah, Youngest, Juliet, Mye, Fhaye, Richard, Michelle, Beth, Iceah and Juliana
U - Unknown fact about me – I am a Kidney Transplant Recipient!
V - Vegetable? - I love brussel sprout, green beans and bokchoy
W - Worst habit? - Shopping
X - X ray or ultrasound? - Ultrasound
Y - Your favorite foods? - Filipino, Mediterranean and and Thai foods
Z - Zodiac sign - Pisces


amiable amy said...

wow...kidney recipient ka pala? what a blessing from God...

shydub said...

I like all your blogs, interesting.

thanks for visiting and following mine too.

Cecile said...

yup, Amy :-) it is indeed a blessing; and because of that, i am forever grateful to God! it will be three years in March, it was actually the great gift i have ever received in my life since March is my birth month...early birthday present :-)

Cecile said...

you are welcome, Shydub :-) and thanks for doing the same :-)

Madz (Boholana ) said...

uy te have passed this tag too sa imo:

anyway, enjoy jud ko sa tagging damo gid!! hahaha

Joops said...

hmmmmnnn i thought you're from Cebu?

Clarissa said...

Ate,it's really a blessing from heavens above!! I'm happy for you!!

faye said...

daan ako ate ces here ganda ng a-z tag mo..well describe!

chubskulit said...

hello ate, kumusta ka na dyAN?

if may time ka ate, please drop by at and tell me what you think, salamat in advance..


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