Friday, February 13, 2009

Data Loss Horror Stories!

Posted by Cecile at Friday, February 13, 2009

When my husband and I finally met after a long distance love affair. We were so happy! We were together for seven days. We went to every tourist attractions we could possibly see. We took a lot of pictures with us and the places we went. to. Then, loaded them to computer and saved. Same thing we did with our wedding photos. One day, our computer got infected by a virus and we couldn't fix it. We lost all the pictures and felt very bad, but else can we do? It's all gone! We learned our lesson that day and promised to ourselves that we will make sure to make Online Backups in all our important stuffs. Do you know that Sumo Backup can help you do that?I Yes, for it is very easy to use and easy on your bandwidth, plus it just runs in the background. And every time you back you data up it automatically save them. Don't forget to check them out to make sure it wont happen again especially if you are the one who often lose the data or overwrite it. If you are familiar with IBM backup, it is the same as Sumo backup technology that are use by big companies and corporations and it currently supports windows XP and Vista. You would be protected in case something bad happened, and have you data back up and running in just a short time. And if you are interested, why don't you check their website out and learn more about Sumo Backup. There your common questions will be answered regarding online backups and how Sumo BAckup can be very beneficial in saving all your important data.




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