Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Playing Golf in Germany

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, February 03, 2009
When my Aunt came to visit us last summer, she brought her golf club with her because she can not live without playing golf everyday! I don't know whether she is addicted with golf or what. Her kids and Husband play golf, too! Anyway, when she was here, I searched for earnests golf course in our area and actually found several of them. So, the next day, my son and I accompanied her while playing golf. My son and I actually enjoyed watching her played. Lucky me for I finally been to the golf course and played with my Aunt and hubby. Now I know how it feels like to be there and play. Golf became one my favorite sports when I saw Tiger plays golf a lot of times. Since then, I have been watching every games he is in to. If you or someone you knew live in Germany, you probably know and seen a big golf portal in there called golfakademie-gmbh.de. Here they offer almost everything that has something to do with golf and that includes: tournament coverage, statistics and schedules, promotional offers, golf news, travel instructions, television listings to name some. They even have a playing test called Platzreife which is a requirement for you to be able to play on a golf course in Germany. Their school also offer Golfkurs which are available for kids until you are ready and permitted to play. There you will learn and understand the basic skills you need need in order for you to play better. There will be series of instructions and explanations of “do's” and “don'ts” in playing golf as well as the proper movements on how to hit the ball the right way. Do you know that there is also a big German Holiday they called Golfurlaub? German golfers where all golf lovers get together, to bond, socialize and enjoy each others company. If you want to know more about playing golf, golf products and services, visit their website now! Don't miss their shop that sells golf accessories, golf clubs, bags , balls and among other things.



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