Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blockbuster is Simply the Best!

Posted by Cecile at Wednesday, May 20, 2009
One of my family's favorite pastime is to watch movie. My husband and I used to go to a movie house at least twice a month. But when our son was born, our movie date stopped. And we haven't been to a movie house for nearly three years. Good thing there is a way we can watch movie and that is through renting a movie in one of the kiosk in the grocery stores. But the problem is, the movie is only good for one day. So once we got from the vending machine, we need to watch it right away. There were times that we forgot that it is already due. We were charged for returning it late. We got no choice but pay the late fee. Good thing there is a BLOCKBUSTER movie rental where we can rent a movie online, then return it conveniently by mailing them or return it at the participating Blockbuster store without fee or at a discounted movie rentals. Absolutely free of charge when it was returned late. I like that there is no extra fee on Blue Ray movie that is rented online. Renting movie is never been easier with their online way of choosing the movie you want to watch. You just add the movies on the que they will delivered it to you by mail within 1-2 business day. Isn't it great? You would love the special offer they give to the members where you will receive emails for exclusive deals and even discounts that you can use in store or online. Pretty good deal, I think. We will definitely switch to Blockbuster once we get settled in our new place soon.



mye said...

cecile! i so missed you guys...i haven't been hopping for over a couple of weeks due to work but I am back!

how have you been? here's my new site:

i noticed that you have limit your commentators and others are not allowed to comment :)

eugene said...

dont stop going to cinema,sometimes it can be very romantic,i miss going to cinema with my wife too,hope to catch one movie over the weekend,,,

btw,first time here,love your blog.

added myself as your follower,hope you dont mind


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