Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will Miss Our Car...

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Five more days and we are off to Texas. I am still here busy packing things up; good thing that I still managed to grab opps. I am now trying to get some job done here by visiting and a little blog hopping before my hubby gets back from Petersburg where he will meet one of those buyers who wanted to buy our car (Honda Element). Yup, we are trying to sell one of our car and replace it with a truck. I cannot believe it! I started missing the car already. Jacob didn't want us to sell it first, but now I am the one who wouldn't want to sell it. We only have this car for a year; it isn't that nice looking car, but it is roomy and that is what I like about it. Oh well, I am sure I'll get over this feeling. Got to go now, ned to visit your blogs, guys! Oh by the way, we will be on the road to Texas on Monday. Texas, here we come...Yeeehaaahhh!


Maus said...

its like a member of the family ate ces that is why you miss it already hehe....have a safe trip!!!

amiable amy said...

hehehe...da lagi, excited lagi jud diay ka mo adto Texas...so, inyo nia ibaligya kay palit mo ug dako para mahakot ninyo ang mga butang....lagi, looy ayo si car..mingawon jud ta ana kay mura naman gud naa baby nato

Clarissa said...

I know the feeling...ganyan din kami nung binenta namin yung car namin dati--yun kasi yung car namin mag mula nung kinasal kami eh.Kapapalit lang namin last year.
Have a safe trip,Ate Ces!!

Dhemz said...

nako nakakamiss naman tong si car....this is the type of the car I like...sige lang te, you can buy another one....hehhehe...:)

I am excited to see you moving to texas....:)

tuod teCes, tagae dayon ko add nimo nga bag-o te ha kay naa ko pada sa imo...hehehe..ako man unta ni pada sa imo last week, pero duha duha ko kay molakaway namn jud mo....so sa texas nalang nako ni puhon pada te ha...au-au diha...mwah!


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