Friday, May 15, 2009

Real Property Management

Posted by Cecile at Friday, May 15, 2009
When my husband lost his job a year and a half ago in Texas, we didn't plan to sell our house. It never even crossed in our minds that we will have to move. We did extensive renovation because we thought we would retire there. So, when he got a job offer, we were turned into selling it or have it rented. We have a neighbor who offered to manage it for us while we are away, but it would be very hard for us. Anyway, if you own a house, apartment complex or any residential place, and tired of managing it yourself, why not check; they do Real Property Management all over the country. With their well-trained professional managers, you can be sure that your property/ties will be taken care of or well maintained. And you don't have to worry wherever you maybe. These are the services they offer: Tenant Placement, Affordable Management fees with NO Leasing fees, Credit and Multi-State Criminal Background Screening, Regular Property Inspections, Accounting Project Management, Monthly Financial Reporting to Owners available online 24/7, Maintenance Services, and Collections Evictions/Legal. So, check them out for more information if you are interested.


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