Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Join Jack’s Quest For Best Halloween Adventures!

Posted by Cecile at Tuesday, October 20, 2009
If you are one of those people who love freebies and ways to get great deals and savings, there is a great giveaways going on called Jack's Quest. This is a fun and exciting way to celebrate Halloween where you will have a chance to win fabulous prizes. My family and I love Halloween next to Christmas where we get to decorate our place, dress us up and goes trick or treating with my son. I still remember when my son was only two year old, we went trick or treating three blocks away from our house. There was this little girl and her mother ahead of us and knocked on the door of a very scary house. When the door opened there in front of her was a man wearing a very scary costume! That girl ran away crying. I must admit I was scared, too, I just pretended I wasn't for my son's sake. I tell you, it looked so real and even you would be startled had you seen him! Anyway, if you or someone you know are interested with the contest, just read the press release below. Who knows you might be the lucky winner; so join the contest by going to their website.


"Coming this fall - Jacks Quest. Let the Halloween Adventure begin!:

Boothwyn, September 7th, 2009 - Halloween Season has begun, and so has Jack’s Quest for the Best Halloween Adventures. Anyone who is looking to spice up their fall season and win some fabulous prizes need look no further. Jack, the hip, young spokes character from Halloween Adventure, invites Americans to join his Quest and to share their individual Halloween adventures. Whether these adventures involved a child’s first Halloween, a terrifying Haunted House, or even the look of surprise on a boss’ face when he saw an employee clock in to work in a gorilla suit, Jack wants to know about them.

Everyone who joins Jack's Quest, by submitting their stories, pictures, or videos, will be automatically rewarded with a shopping discount and will be eligible to win even more prizes. Everyone can help Jack choose winning entries by voting on the adventures; everyone is a judge in this Quest. And because Jack is taking the Quest seriously, he is giving out over 100 prizes to the top ranked adventures chosen by YOU!

Ready to join Jack's Quest? Log on to the Jack's Quest website (http://quest.halloweenadventure.com) to enter your adventurous stories, pictures, or videos. Claim your award for joining and post a "Vote for me button" on your blog, MySpace page, or FaceBook profile to attract people's attention and gather support for your adventure! But hurry, Jack's Quest begins September 7th and ends October 25th 2009. You don't want to miss the start! The contest will reset on November 5th, 2009, when it opens to submissions for the 2010 contest. For complete list of prizes and rules, visit Jacks Quest at www.HalloweenAdventure.com!



shydub said...

I've been on queue for this ces wala pa mn gihapon hatag sa akoa. hehehehe kuha mn sd gd ko ani sa 3p

Dhemz said...

sa wakas nakuha ra jud nimo ni te...lisod man tawon kaau ni kuhaon...just like tsang have said....

musta na diha te? sowe now lang ko naka bisita sa imo te ha..saon nga busy kaau akong life...daghan asssignments...nya naa pako book report...makalilipong...hehehe!


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