Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sister's Week Tag

Posted by Cecile at Saturday, October 17, 2009
I would like to thanks dear blogger friend, Race for sharing me this very sweet tag. I have known Race and her sister Redge since I started blogging and it's been a year now! These sisters are both very sweet and sincere blogger friends I met on through blogging. Visit their sites and get to know them.

~~ Start copying here ~~

Be the kind of women that when your feet hit the floor each morning,
The devil says "Oh Crap, She's Up."
Sister, life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.
Believe in everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Kiss slowly. Forgive quickly.
God never said life would be easy.
He just promise it would be worth it.
Today is sister's day.
To the cool women that have touched my life.
this is for you.....LOVE U!!!

Tag all your sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, girlfriends,
Including me if I am like one. If you get tag back seven times, you are loved.
Happy sister's day! LOVE YA SISTA!!!
Girlfriend and sisters WEEK.

~~End Copy here~~

I am now tagging my blogger friends: Liza of This Is My Life, Shy of Simple Happy Life, Dhemz of My Life's Perception ans Inspiration, Rose of Obstacles and Glories, Race of Moments of My Life, Kitty Kat of Amazingly Me, Cacai of Cacai's Steps and Journey, Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts, Amy of Amiable Amy, Imelda of My Overview, Redge of Rumination, and Niko of Niko's Blog.

Feel free to grab it if you haven't tagged yet!


shydub said...

Thank you sistah ces for the lovely tag. sure will grab it soon. no need to reach 7 fifol to tagged you back coz its obvious that you are loved hehe. love yah and happy weekend sa inyo dha ces.

Dhemz said...

yehey! apil ko sa lista...grab nako nii later te sweet of you....thanks ulit...mwah!

Clarissa said...

Happy Sister's Week!!^_^

nancy said...

i had this one too...happy sisters week!

chubskulit said...

Thank you so much for this tag ate...

kittykat said...

lamat Ate Ces..will grab this one later ok..have a great week ahead..

kittykat said...

done with your tag Ate Ces...

imelda said...

thanks you and sorry sis for i just had time to visit other sites, now. will grab this later.


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